Say Goodbye To Back Pain Forever: This Will Take Up Only 10 Minutes Of Your Time

With these easy yoga poses, you will improve your back pain and improve your body posture.

yoga poses for back pain relief

Back pain becomes more and more popular. Today we propose a simple yoga routine that you can complete in just 10 minutes every day to feel much better. Yoga stimulates circulation and relieves muscle tension. In addition, your back will gain strength and flexibility. Would you like to try it?

9 yoga poses for back pain relief

1. Downward facing dog

Stretch your arms and back completely by moving your hips backwards and upwards in a pyramid shape. Bent your knees if you feel too much tension in your legs.

2. Standing half tongs

From standing, inhale and raise your arms. When you exhale, bend towards your legs. Take a breath and lengthen your back by bringing your hands just below your shoulders and projecting your chest forward.

3. Cat-Cow Pose

Inhale, push the chest forward, stretching the back and bringing the shoulders back. As you exhale, bring your navel towards the ceiling and round your back. Keep your arms straight.

4. Sphinx pose

Breathe in to lift the chest by aligning the elbows with the shoulders. Push into the floor with hands and forearms, straighten the back and bring the shoulders back and down.

5. Lateral bends

Lift your arms up, stretching them on both sides of the trunk and inhale. When you exhale, bend to one side, bringing your hand to the floor. Do not bend forward and keep looking straight ahead.

6. Half twist

Leaning on your hamstrings, twist one leg, placing the foot next to the opposite knee. Then inhale and grow upward. Exhale and rotate, keeping your hand on the outside of your knee.

7. Seated Twist

Sit in a comfortable position. Take a breath in and raise your arms, stretching both sides of your back. As you exhale, twist to one side, placing your hand on the opposite leg or knee.

8. Half bridge

While lying on your back with your feet close to your buttocks, take a breath and raise your hips. Allow the weight to drop to your shoulders and shoulder blades, breathe in and open your chest wide towards the ceiling.

9. Lying down twist

Lying down with your knees to your chest, exhale and let them fall to one side, looking away from you. Stretch your arms out with your palms up and feel the twist throughout your spine.

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