Wrapping your feet in aluminum foil for a few hours will have incredible results! This is great!

Put aluminum foil on your feet to improve your health, as well as on other parts of your body – you’ll be surprised!


Yes, it is not only used to wrap food or preserve food, it can also become a good ally to treat some problems health.

This element can be beneficial to treat and prevent muscle pain, back, neck, arms, legs and joints, cold, as well as scars and burns.

4 Health problems that can be combated by wrapping your feet in aluminum foil

1. Aluminum foil on your face to fight fatigue


Using aluminum foil to get rid of fatigue is an ancient tradition recognized by experts around the world.

First, place several strips of aluminum foil in the freezer and wait for them to cool for two hours. Then, place the strips on your face, specifically on your cheeks and eyelids.

Allow paper to work until you feel the muscle completely relaxed. Then, remove it. You will find that you feel much more alert and calm.

2. Burns

When do you get burned? Women tend to get burns more often than men, there’s no question why – who spends more time in kitchen?

The next time you get burned, do the following: clean the wound carefully, apply an ointment, wrap the area with clean gauze and wrap the gauze with aluminum foil. The pain from the burn should go away in a matter of minutes.

3. Aluminum foil for painful joints


Although you probably didn’t know it, aluminum foil can help control joint pain. Start by wrapping the most painful area of your body with an aluminum foil, and use a bandage to adjust it and keep it comfortable and secure, as you will have to leave the wrap on for several hours. Ideally, you should use it when you sleep, or during the day at times when you are not moving around too much.

Apply it every day for 10 days and you will see positive results. Should the pain still not completely disappear, give yourself two weeks of rest and start again this process.

4. Wrap your feet in aluminum foil to protect them from cold


Not only will you be able to eliminate cold from your body, but also improve your flu symptoms. Wrap your feet in 5/7 layers of aluminum foil and leave it for an hour. Then remove it and let your feet breathe for two hours. After that time, repeat the above process again. If you want, let your feet rest one more time and put the aluminum foil back on once more.

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