Woman with the world’s biggest cheeks wants more surgery. Just operating on her face is not enough

Her face as she wanted it to be, now she wants to go for her body and achieve what she defines as “perfection”.

Woman with the world's biggest cheeks wants more surgery

Human beings are by nature dissatisfied and perhaps the motivation for this evolution, however morally we may not always agree with each other. For those who are not happy with their bodies, have found in cosmetic surgery a solution to their problems at least something that satisfies their desires.

And this has worked for Anastasia Pokreshchuk, from Kiev, famous on social media for having the biggest cheeks in the world.

world's biggest cheeks

For her, big cheekbones were a synonym of beauty, so through implants she managed to enlarge them, like her lips. Now that she has the “perfect face”, it seems that the next thing is to modify her body and through Instagram she explained everything she would like to change.

world’s biggest cheeks

She was asked through stories in which she could interact with her followers if she wanted to have breast surgery or maybe get implants in her buttocks.

She answered she wanted to increase her breasts to a D cup, something quite big and daring to tell the truth. It seems that nature had not given her breasts, so she wanted them to grow artificially. On the other hand, she commented that the implants would not look good on her buttocks, so she would have liposuction and use the fat for her buttocks.

world's biggest cheeks

After all, these are surgical procedures and they must be somewhat painful.

However, for her this is not a problem, she spent more than 2 thousand dollars on her cheek bones alone, which means her face will probably hurt less in the other parts of her body. It is important to mention that her lifestyle dedicated to operations has allowed her to reach around 260 thousand followers and she enjoys it.

While many people see an excess, she sees a lifestyle and the possibility of being increasingly closer to what define as her own beauty. Of course, not for everyone it is the same, because in her case having big cheeks is something beautiful and if anything, her partner will be in charge of judging how good they look.

world's biggest cheeks

She is happy and, apparently, the doctors have not seen any contraindications, so continuing to have surgery is not something she wants to stop doing in the short term.