Wife forgives husband for accidentally burning her face. Love triumphs

Wife forgives husband for accidentally burning her face. Love triumphs

When you suffer some kind of accident involving a big physical change, it is difficult to overcome it; your physical and emotional health is compromised, since the sudden change affects your daily life and ultimately nothing is ever the same again.

But Tonya, after suffering major burns on her face, overcame the pain to turn it into a strength in her daily life.

But it is somewhat confusing how things happened. How could a quiet weekend afternoon turn into a catastrophe?

Well, it was a Sunday with nothing special, Tonya and her husband had decided to have a barbecue in their backyard to end the work week. In Georgia, USA everything was peaceful, but soon a nightmare would unfold.

She went to get meat to put it on the fire but by coincidence when she approached the grill to start preparing the food, Donald used a liquid fire accelerate. It was a set of actions that unleashed chaos, because by accident the liquid bathed Tonya just as she approached. Within seconds Tonya was on fire.

Donald quickly took her to the hospital and his wife spent the next 6 months bedridden in the clinic where she underwent several operations and went into a coma that lasted several weeks.

“When I woke up, I spent a month trying to get my bearings by working with physical therapists. All my muscles have atrophied. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t swallow. I couldn’t even move in bed.”

Wife forgives husband for accidentally burning her face

Tonya’s husband spent the next few years feeling guilt over the terrible accident, but she claims she has no hard feelings toward him. In fact, she stated that she loves and forgives him. Since that accident, her husband has dedicated himself body and soul to his wife, becoming her guardian angel: he bathes her, cleans her wounds, and helps her move, being a fundamental part of Tonya’s therapies, without a doubt his love is unconditional.

Now, rather than lamenting the event, Tonya has known how to surf the waves of adversity and became an influencer on Instagram. On her profile @burnedbeauty18 she helps others who have gone through similar situations and even tries to raise funds, as she knows how expensive burn treatment can be.

Wife forgives husband for accidentally burning her face

She has also found makeup to be her own therapy, stating that at first she didn’t even want to pick up brushes: “My eyes were puffy and my skin was all different colors. Makeup wasn’t going to fix it, why would I bother with makeup if it’s not going to fix anything,” Tonya told The Sun.

But today she shows off her beautiful looks to her followers on Instagram and inspires them to love themselves as they are.

Tonya still has a long way to go, she still has 15 to 20 operations scheduled to rebuild her face but she and her husband are ready for whatever comes next.