Why you should leave a coin in freezer before leaving home

Why you should leave a coin in freezer before leaving home

For several months I had been preparing my vacation with my husband and my two children, finally we were going to achieve the dream of going to the beach together, one of the destinations that my husband and I like the most.

I started preparing my bags in advance so we wouldn’t forget anything, I organized my papers and assembled the first aid kit of essentials. But I never imagined that I had to take care of one big detail that would make sure none of us would get sick when we returned home…

It turns out that while talking to one of my best friends to tell her the details of our long-awaited vacation, specifically when I told her that we would be away for about three weeks, she told me “you can’t leave without doing this trick”, when she explained it to me I froze, and although skeptical, I did it and from now on I will never fail to do it every time we are away from home for several days.

What is it about? A trick that today I invite you to do: put a coin in your freezer before leaving home for several days?

Why you should leave a coin in freezer before leaving home

The reason is very simple, by putting a coin in the freezer, you will know if the food you have in the refrigerator has spoiled or not.

No matter how well your refrigerator works, nothing guarantees that while you are away from home there will be no power outages and that the food you leave frozen will thaw and refreeze without this implying that it has not spoiled during the time without electricity.

For this reason and to be sure that upon your return, the food you have in your freezer is in good condition and can not cause you illness if you eat them, you should only put a cup of water in the freezer, once the water has frozen, take it out, put a coin in it and put it back in the freezer.

If upon returning from your trip, the coin is at the bottom of the cup, it will be a sign that the food thawed at some point and therefore it is no longer recommended that you eat them, because they are probably spoiled and if you eat them you could get sick, how about that?

If the coin is still on top of the ice in the cup, there is no problem, there was no power outage and you can eat the food in your refrigerator without fear.

Now you know why you should put a coin in the freezer before leaving home for several days, don’t forget it and have a good travel!