Why you should eat a ripe banana after workout

Why you should eat a ripe banana after workout

Banana is one of the most consumed tropical fruits in the world. It has numerous properties that provide different benefits to the organism. However, few people know that the nutritional value of bananas varies as they ripen.These are the foods where you will find the vitamins for tiredness you need.

On many occasions, athletes can be seen eating a ripe banana in the middle of a game or at the end of sports practice, something that is also recommended for anyone who exercises, since the banana is one of the fruits with a higher glycemic index.

What is the benefit of eating ripe banana?

Why you should eat a ripe banana after workout

Depending on the ripeness of the banana, it will have a higher or lower glycemic index: the riper the banana, the higher the glycemic index. This means that its sugar passes quickly into the blood, so you get energy easily during training or to recover after workout.

In addition to being a quick and healthy energy source, it can also help to avoid muscle cramps during or at the end of sports practice.

It should also be known that the banana, although it barely contains proteins (1.2%) and lipids (0.3%), its content in these nutrients is higher than in other fruits. But, above all, its richness in carbohydrates (20%) stands out in its composition.

The banana ripens, the starch it contains is converted into simple sugars such as sucrose, glucose and fructose. “Because of this, the banana is a soft fruit and quite digestible as long as it is ripe,” they explain as another benefit of eating the banana when ripe.

On the contrary, the starch present in the banana when it is green makes it difficult to digest, resulting indigestible and can cause flatulence and dyspepsia, according to FEN.

Among other benefits, bananas contain inulin and other fructooligosaccharides that are not digestible by intestinal enzymes, which causes them to reach the final tract of the intestine, producing beneficial effects on intestinal transit.

When should you eat a ripe banana before or after workout?

Why you should eat a ripe banana after workout

To answer when it is better to consume banana, before or after doing sport, is not simple, since the options depend on what our objectives are. Below, we explain in which situations you should consume this piece of fruit:

Before workout: bananas before sports are recommended as they provide the carbohydrates we need for energy. The consumption of bananas before doing sports is useful when we are going to do strength training, especially when we are looking for muscle hypertrophy or for activities that involve a high intensity -such as elite sports-.

During workout: Many athletes consume this fruit during training because it helps in recovery. The fact is that bananas have a higher glycemic index than many fruits, which is why the sugars take a short time -less than an hour- to pass into the bloodstream and provide us with a continuous source of energy during physical activity.

Post-workout: according to a study published by the journal PLOS in 2018, banana after workot play an effective role in recovery. These act by reducing inflammation caused by sport. The post-exercise banana intake is recommended, also, if the aim of the activity is to tone up and improve marks.

Finally, bananas are a source of potassium, which contributes to normal muscle function, and are rich in vitamin B6, which contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system.

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