Trainer of Jennifer Lopez shares her workout to get killer abs


Jennifer Lopez, at 50-something years old, has an enviable body is undeniable. And although genetics surely plays a very important role in it, her trainer has revealed what is the exercise with which JLo gets those incredible abs. Do you want to know what it is?

The one exercise Jennifer Lopez has to do to get her amazing abs

Have you seen her in her recent appearances, you may have already noticed that the star is more toned than ever. And as we all know, JLo trains hard almost every day to get that knockout body she shows off under tight clothes.

But not just any exercise will do, her trainer David Kirsch, has revealed the specific movement to get that waist and those stone abs:

Oblique abs. “It’s perfect for when you need to focus on shaping and toning not just the obliques but the whole core,” she has explained to People magazine.

Following these steps you should do it well:

1- Start in a side plank position, legs extended, forearm resting on the floor and feet and hips up.

2- Place the other forearm bent under the shoulder, and with the hand slightly behind the head.

3- Rotate the torso, and bring the elbow towards the belly.

4- After several repetitions, repeat on the opposite side.

Do 15 reps per side, 3 times a week, and you’ll start to see toned abs in as little as two weeks. It just takes consistency and a little effort to get visible results.

Of course, always accompanied by a healthy and varied diet and an active lifestyle. Do you want to follow the challenge?

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