This woman changed her diet in a single step and lost 30 kg

This woman changed her diet in a single step and lost 30 kg

Ely Fisher gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy and decided it was time to lose all those pounds. She was following a simple diet and very steady habits.

Lose weight has become a top priority for many of us now that vacations are upon us. It is not easy to lose weight, and even less easy to keep it off.

She has changed dramatically. Fisher gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy, specifically 30 kg. Now she wants to serve as an example for all those who want to win the battle against excess weight. Fisher reveals to ‘PopSugar’ what she did to lose so much weight in such a short time.

For inspiration, check out the story of Ely Fisher, who lost 30 kg (66 pounds) in less than a year.

The change: calorie counter

This woman changed her diet in a single step and lost 30 kg

This young woman says it clearly: her big change was due, above all, counting calories. Before, she was eating an amount of food that added up to 3,000 kcal, and she discovered that paying attention to these numbers was what was going to help her lose weight.

As she loves eating a good dinner, she skipped the rule of the last meal of the day being meager, and simply adjusted her total number of daily calories to be a little higher at dinner and smaller at breakfast and lunch.

He says it clearly: his big change was due, above all, to calorie counting, which he distributed during the day as best suited him.

Fischer appreciates this weight loss plan may not work for everyone, but “the ideal is to find the point” for everybody. “You have to pursue sustainable results, as unrealistic quick fixes won’t deliver,” she warns.

3 Exercises per week

This woman changed her diet in a single step and lost 30 kg

Fisher quickly learned that to lose weight efficiently, “you don’t need to work every day. It all comes down to how hard you do it when you do it.” For the first five to six months of her weight loss, only did 30-minute high intensity workouts at home.

“I’m talking push-ups, burpees, jump squats …. Just three times a week!”. She says that if you control four 15-minute workouts a week, but “go for as intense as you can for those 15 minutes each time, you’ll see fast results … combined with the right nutrition for you, of course.”

Their advice would be to start as slowly as you need to, but with the goal of doing longer, more intense workouts as you get more advanced and your body gets stronger.

She now trains with the HIIT workout, with a 15-minute, and when she gets to the end, she says: “I want to keep going!”. And she hits another video and so on until she gets tired.

Don’t let guilt ruin you

This woman changed her diet in a single step and lost 30 kg

Ely was having a hard enough time with her guilty conscience when she failed. If she didn’t exercise one day or if she overeaten, it tortured herself. The guilt plagued her, until she changed her mindset and adopted a much more relaxed approach. “When I accepted that I could lose weight more slowly than I had set out to do, and that the important thing was to get there, that’s when everything changed. The pressure went right off!” she confesses.

Makes sense, but the less stressed she was, the more weight she lost, and that made eating healthy and doing her workouts much more enjoyable. “Now I weigh 57 kg and have a lot of muscle mass!” she says proudly.

Now she encourages everyone to take care of themselves and eat healthy, but without becoming obsessed. The important thing is to achieve the desired weight, as long as it is healthy, and to do it as relaxed as possible but without stopping along the way.