This incredible method of pain relief as simply as putting a clothespin in your ear

In the traditional medicine, there are the famous alternative methods through it is possible to relieve pain without medication, such as reflexology.


In her personal site, reflexology Helen Chin writes that each ear has a reflective map of their body, rich in nerve endings and multiple connectors into the central nervous system.

A method to relieve pain as simple as putting a pressure on different points of your ear, or placing something that does, such as a pair of tweezers used to hang your clothes yes, this solution seems a bit exaggerated, but it is worth trying.

Each of these six points on your ear is connected to pain in a specific part of the body. Applying pressure to each point helps relieve pain. Move from one spot to another to find a part of your body that is bothering you.

1- The top of the ear is directly connected to the back and shoulders


Applying a clothespin for about one minute, the tension should be greatly reduced. Try to do this many times a day to reduce back and shoulder pain.

2- Next point is connected to the body’s organs


Of course, If you have a lot of internal pain you should see a doctor. But for less discomfort you can use the tweezers or your fingers at this point. This can give you some relief.

3- The upper middle part of the ear related to joint pain


Applying pressure at this point can relieve joint pain in general.

4- The bottom of the ear is connected directly to the sinuses and throat


When looking for relief from a sore throat, or sinus pain, applying pressure at this point can help to reduce the inflammation and stress it causes on the head area.

5- Just above the earlobe is the point most commonly associated with digestion


Placing the clothespin in that part helps to relieve digestive and stomach problems.

6- The lobe is the point connected to two vital parts of the body: head and heart


By applying pressure to the lobe, it releases repressed emotions and unnecessary pressure on the brain, thus directly helping to eliminate the headache.

Ear reflexology as easy to do it can make a big difference in your day! While this method should never take the place of medical advice.

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