This 69-year-old woman says that age is just a number and that she is now living the best moment of her life.

This 69-year-old woman says that age is just a number

Most people and especially women think that as our years go by the chances of a courtship and especially our physique are lost, we see with each passing year the opportunity to change our lifestyle further and further away. Especially when you already have children and a life made.

But there are still exceptions and Gladys Bravo Berrios proves it.

“Now I dare to say that I am a woman obsessed with the gym, I like the energy it gives me, the wonderful change it gave to my body, my mood is always the best, no doubt it is the best thing that has happened to me”.

69-year-old woman

After discovering her new passion Gladys decided to leave her stable job for more than 20 years as a company secretary and now become a personal trainer.

“I like being able to help women, to see how little by little with my advice and discipline their life changes completely”.

69-year-old woman

Her social networks are followed by thousands of people who hope to learn a little from her advice, and knowing that Gladys is 69 years old and is preserved in this way is an indication that undoubtedly what she does works.

Every 5 weeks she does long sessions to continue to maintain her body as she has been doing so far.

“Having won the bodybuilding contest gave me the step to represent my country (Chile) in the South American in Buenos Aires”.

69-year-old woman

Her determination was the key to reach her goal, since she only had three months of preparation in the gym after the quarantine we suffered for the Covid-19 to enter the competition, her passion for all this wonderful world of fitness started when she was 55 years old and as she was seeing little by little the changes in her body she clung to this.

“In my family they were very surprised because I was leaving my job of years for something that was not safe and stable. Everyone thought I was becoming unhinged, I had very hard times but I managed to emerge victorious from each of my battles.”

Although many say she is too old, Gladys believes that everyone is wrong.

69-year-old woman

“I don’t care what others think. I don’t feel that I started late, my time is now and I don’t regret it because of the time that has passed”.

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