This 3-minute workout will get rid of flabby arms for good

Often the arms are forgotten. Women are afraid of looking too muscular and so we focus more on working the lower body (buttocks, abdomen and legs), but this is really a mistake!

Do not think that when you train with weights you will see your arms very developed. Increasing arm muscle mass in women is not easy: our testosterone level is lower than men’s, in fact, it has been scientifically proven that having more of this hormone makes it easier to gain muscle mass.

Also, increase muscle mass is a slow process that requires time. You need to follow a diet with an excess of calories and perform a demanding workout.

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  • Correct body position. And thanks to the development of the muscles and their strength, the organs are kept in their correct position and their functioning improves.
  • Increases the expenditure of calories. By increasing muscle mass, the metabolism is activated and the body burns more, even at rest.
  • It helps prevent injuries. Strong muscles improve movements, avoiding bad posture and reducing injuries.
  • It improves the physical aspect. It avoids the flaccidity of the arms.
  • Don’t forget about strength and don’t neglect other parts of the body!

How to get rid of flabby arms


  1. Standing up, and take the dumbbells
  2. Tilt the upper body a little, until it is almost parallel to the ground.
  3. The palms of your hands face the body and use the triceps to lift the dumbbell until the arm is bent.
  4. It is important to move only the forearm and keep the elbow fixed.

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    1. Standing up, with dumbbells in our hands
    2. Place one arm at chest level and from here we will stretch the arm upwards, extending it.
    3. It is important that the force is made only with the arms.
    4. And that the rest of the body remains stable, keeping the back

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  1. Standing with a straight back and legs shoulder-width apart, he leads the dumbbells to his chest.
  2. If you cannot bring your arms to your chest at the same time, go interspersed between one arm and the other.
  3. Be sure to keep your elbow close to your body and use your biceps for strength – watch your lower back!

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  1. Place yourself face up on the floor, with your back to the floor and your legs bent.
  2. Now bring the dumbbells to your chest.
    With your arms at 90Âș, lift them up so that they are fully extended.
  3. Lower them again and repeat the exercise.

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Work your arms 2-3 days a week and do 2-3 sets of these exercises, with about 25 repetitions each. Use any weight you want but be able to do the repetitions with effort. At the beginning it is better to start with a few kilos and increase it over the days. Insert one arm and the other and do the same repetitions with both arms.

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