3 Best Exercises to Get a Firm, Round, Lifted Butt

Get your butt ready for summer with theses moves designed to lift, round, and firm.

For a firm, round and toned butt, these exercises will show you how to work smarter, not harder! As you may know, different muscles are responsible for the size and shape of your butt. You need to work all the gluteal muscles equally to really shape and tone your butt.

Doing these three exercises will help you get the butt you’ve always wanted.

1. Bridge

This exercise shapes the back of your thighs while lifting and toning your bottom.

Lie down and place the rubber band around your knees, keeping your arms, back and head close to the floor as you lift your upper body and open and close your knees. It is important to keep the soles of your feet flat on the floor.

Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions

4. One-legged bridge

This exercise shapes the booty and tones your thighs.

Begin in a bridge position with your back on the mat and legs bent at 90 degrees. Place a two- to five-pound dumbbell above your left thigh and lift that leg straight up. Lift your booty by pushing up on your right heel as you keep your opposite leg in the air.

Repeat 10 times and switch sides for 3 sest.

Exercise 3

This exercise lifts your backside like nothing else!

Again, place the rubber band on your knees. Keeping your back straight, place your knees and palms on the floor and at the same time extend one of your legs behind you, keeping it as straight as possible.

The sole of the foot of the lifted leg should touch one end of the garter and the other end should be held by your hands.

Perform 4 sets of 15 repetitions each leg.

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