The 10-day challenge to lift and tone your buttocks

10-day challenge to lift and tone your buttocks

There are many exercise to tone, firm and lift your butt. But most of these exercises take a long time to show results.

However, the 10-day butt lifting and toning challenge will increase your buttocks progressively bigger in short time. By performing a combination of high-impact exercises designed to increase the size of the gluteus maximus muscle.

Believe it or not, buttocks are not fat, they are one of the largest muscles in the human body, which makes toning, shaping and tightening them easy than you think.

If you want to join the 10-day challenge to lift and tone your butt, simply do this daily exercise series to get it done.

1. Alternate lift with jump

Standing with your back straight, next place one leg behind the other. Take the back leg down. Knee should not reach the floor completely and the front leg should be at a 90º angle. Before coming up, change legs by alternating jumps.

  • Do this exercise 30 repeats and then repeat 3 sets.

2. Lunge with alternating backward lunge

Spread your legs about shoulder width apart and lower back straight like you would do a normal squat. Before going up, bring one of your legs backwards to do a squat. Return to the original position then repeat again with other leg.

  • Repeat this exercise 30 repetitions followed by 2 sets.

3. Squat sticking point

Keep your legs separated at shoulder height and bring the weight of your hips down and when you go up, lift your heels off the floor so that only the tips of your feet will support your weight.

  • Perform this exercise 30 repeats for 2 sets.

4. Jump squat

Spread your legs at shoulder height and lower yourself down with your back straight while sticking out your buttocks a lot. When you stand up, do a small jump.

  • Do this 30 repeats then repeat 3 sets.

5. Deep squat

Spread your legs a little wider than the size of your shoulders. Should be knees facing sideways. With a straight back, lower your buttocks without lifting your ankles. Touch the tips of your toes and then rise upward. The effort should be felt in your hips, not your legs.

  • Perform this exercise 30 repeats for 3 sets.

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