A single exercise to deflate a bloated belly in 15 minutes

Stomach Vacuum: This is how the breathing exercise works

Stomach Vacuum: This is how the breathing exercise works

Flat stomach, defined waist, strengthened back and deflate a bloated belly that is promises a simple breathing exercise, called stomach vacuum. What is behind the new trend?

The stomach vacuum is an isometric exercise to strengthen core muscles. It consists of exhaling air while vacuuming the stomach to engage the core.

This is a breathing exercise that supposedly gives you a flat stomach. The special thing about this exercise, it requires no experience to practice and no equipment to use. You need to do at least 5 repetitions. Although it may seem difficult, after a few attempts your muscles will tone up, making it easier.

Stomach Vacuum: This is how the breathing exercise works

Stomach Vacuum: This is how the breathing exercise works

The principle of stomach vacuums is very easy, you only need the power of your own breathing apparatus. The fitness star presents three different variants in his video: lying down, sitting and standing.

For beginners, it is recommended to start the workout in a standing position: Place your hands on your hips and breathe slowly through your nose. On the next breath, exhale long and evenly. The abdomen is active, pushing the air out of the lungs. The chest comes forward slightly. Hold the tension and slowly count down from ten. Inhale and pause, repeat three times.

If you are doing this exercise lying down, be sure to stretch your arms and legs throughout the exercise. This will make it easier to tighten the abdominal muscles.

Abdominal crunches performed while seated require a little more practice. “The best way to do it is to imagine that you’re trying to pull your two hip bones together,” says exercise scientist Veronica Pfeffer.

She recommends doing abdominal exercises between sets during workouts. “But you can also do it in everyday life, like when you’re standing in line or sitting in the car,” the fitness model says.

To do ab vacuum exercise correctly, you can watch this video bellow!

In just 3 weeks you will be able to strengthen your inner abdominal muscles, reducing your waistline.

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