A Doctor suggested two simple and effective exercises to do every day to burn fat

two simple and effective exercises to practice every day to burn fat

According to several studies and holistic healthcare experts, the best way to lose weight is by combining diet with exercise – eating ample good proteins in a day to preserve muscle mass, about 50 grams.

For weight loss, one needs to focus on burning fat rather than shedding muscle mass; therefore, the body needs proteins through diet else it starts to rely on muscles for the same.

Michael Mosley, a famous doctor and TV presenter, believes that the best exercises for losing weight every day are push-ups and squats. The specialist is against rigid protein-free diets, due to which the thinner loses not only fat but also muscle mass.

To maintain muscle mass Mosley recommends including at least 50 grams of pure proteins in the daily diet, and to lose weight healthy, in his opinion, it is possible only with a combination of a balanced diet and physical activity.


This one, the expert says, is one of the best low-cost techniques for building upper body strength. Not only do they work well in keeping the upper body toned, but can also improve sleep quality. Besides practicing 40 press-ups a day, the expert also relies on walking, cycling, and going on the occasional run.

Push-ups have the following benefits to offer:

Can cut heart disease risk
Effective in building upper body strength
Can be performed anywhere without need for equipment
Strengthen the lower back, triceps, pectoral muscles, and abdominal muscles


Surprising as it is, Dr Mosley explained that performing squats is one of the best ways of boosting brain function. This exercise challenges a maximum number of muscles in the body – targets the hamstring, flexors, calves, minimus, medius, adductor, gluteus maximums, and quads.

The doctor recommends performing these two exercises immediately after waking up, as such a workout has a positive effect on the muscles throughout the body and is beneficial for heart and brain health.

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source: Times Now