Shower Makeup: how to make this new beauty hack

Shower Makeup: Learn how to achieve this new beauty hack

Shower Makeup: Learn how to achieve this new beauty hack

Once again, the famous social network TikTok has trended a new makeup tutorial called Shower Makeup, which consists of making your makeup look like you just came out of the shower. Here we tell you all the details you need to know, you will love it.

The famous content creator and businesswoman named Huda Kattan , has shared with her millions of followers a new and fabulous makeup trend that has undoubtedly caught the eye of the entire Internet in just a few seconds. This new trend is giving thousands of women something to talk about as it has become popular on various social networks. This so-called shower makeup achieves an effect that looks like you just got out of the bath.

According to this beauty expert, she emphasizes that this type of makeup is based on keeping the lips well hydrated and emphasizes the illumination of the skin, resulting in a moist and fresh effect; in addition to making a healthy, cute and striking face look.

Shower Makeup: Learn how to achieve this new beauty hack

The beauty guru mentioned the keys to achieving the perfect wet makeup, one of the secrets is to observe the light spots on our face where we naturally shine; she assured her. On the other hand, she also added that once this is clear, we apply a concealer one or two shades lighter than our skin.

In the same way, for this trend to work and the light to shine, you must prepare your face with a serum so that it takes care of retaining the natural moisture and seal with a moisturizing facial cream, in the same way, Huda says that you use a base of watery makeup and with a little light concealer, correcting any imperfections you may have and thus be able to achieve this great and incredible effect that we are sure you will love, here we leave you the video so that you can get an idea.

@docnafiakhan @hudabeauty LOVE THIS LOOK! The “Shower Makeup Look” – @hudaheidi looked so beautiful. I attempted to recreate it. I loved the result and would definitely be wearing this makeup look for many occasions and when I’m on holiday in a hot country, on a beach somewhere but obviously covered up! I just feel so feminine in it. Let me know what you think of it. #fyp #foryourpage #makeuptutorial #showermakeuplook #theshowerlook #hudabeauty ♬ Something New (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – Wiz Khalifa

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