Science confirms it! All women should always wear red lipstick

Did you know that the color of your lipstick greatly influences your mood?

All women should always wear red lipstick

Red… a color that has been used by women of all times on their lips. And besides attracting attention, it is a color that makes us all feel attractive. But, have you ever wondered why?

One reason may be because in color psychology, red is related to warmth, positive energy, strength and ambition; but beyond individual reasons, science has revealed that it is a color that makes women feel more confident.

So here are the reasons why you should wear red lipstick all the time!

3. Increase confidence

red lipstick

“Red lipstick is a source of strength,” says Poppy King, the creator of the Lipstick Queen cosmetics line. It’s a color that has been worn by some of the smartest and most charismatic women in history.

1. Attract attention

red lipstick

A study by the University of Manchester showed that red lipstick attracts the attention of the opposite sex to the mouth, after analyzing the eye movement of 50 men who looked at various images of women, and lingered longer on those wearing red lipstick.

4. Makes it look better

red lipstick

When you don’t feel like going all out on your clothes, let the red lipstick do its part of the magic. A simple t-shirt and jeans look totally different by adding a touch of color to your lips.

2. You look younger

red lipstick

The study conducted by Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania revealed that red lipstick helps balance the complexion, gives luminosity to the image and makes the wearer look younger due to the facial contrast.

5. Improve self-esteem

red lipstick

According to InStyle magazine, a study conducted by Harvard, in collaboration with CoverGirl, found that women who wear red lipstick upload don times more selfies than those who wear neutral colors.

Red lipstick makes you feel more attractive, more confident and happier. Here we address all areas, inside and outside, physical appearance, self-esteem and emotions. We do not want to exaggerate, we are not talking about a miracle, but about those daily gestures that help us to improve our self-esteem and give us an extra touch of strength and security. Because you know that the secret is always in the simplest things.

Can a lipstick really change your mood?

 red lipstick

It really can. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s not a complicated beauty trick and it doesn’t just make you look prettier, which it does. That simple gesture of painting your lips can also change your mood in a few seconds. Maybe you’re thinking that red lipstick is too flashy and that you’re going to attract all eyes. Sure, but it also gives you the strength and confidence you need so that those stares don’t make you uncomfortable.

It is no coincidence that in times of crisis or great uncertainty, and we speak collectively, the sales of red lipsticks increase clearly. A crisis, a big change, brings with it a lot of uncertainty, which shakes our security. In these difficult and unstable times, we need certainty. And is there anything more certain than when you put a touch of red on your lips, you feel stronger, more confident and more capable?

Australian entrepreneur Poppy King once said: “Red lipstick is a source of strength. You put it on and suddenly you feel more capable than you were without it”. And we say: what do we lose by trying it? The next day when you feel your self-esteem is at rock bottom, when your insecurity gets the better of you or when you think you’re not up to it (whatever it is), try painting your lips red and see what happens.

So don’t hesitate any longer and give it a try. Put a touch of red on your lips and you will see how your mood transforms and how your day takes a more positive turn.