Only 1% of people can find the animal in this picture, studies says. Can you?

If you love puzzles and optical illusions, then you’re at the right place. Here’s a black and white image that has recently gone viral, asking people to identify the animal hiding behind the stripes.

The image went viral because only 1 percent of people were able to pinpoint the animal, according to studies.

How about you?

According to The Heathy Soul, only 1% of people can find the animal in this picture. The fact that this picture has been so widespread depends, of course, on the fact that it is an optical illusion.

While some see what is hiding in the picture at once, many others are tossing their hair because they simply do not see anything other than black and white.

Now you should also try. Are you one of the lucky few who can handle it right away, or are you forced to look several times?

Do you see the animal?

Did you spot it? Are you sure?

Check below for the answer!

Here’s the shrunken image:

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