Put a lemon next to your bed every night, according to science


You may think it’s strange that we recommend put a lemon slices near the bed where you sleep, as many experts recognize it has many benefits for your health.

There are many health benefits to lemons. They have between five and ten times more nutrients and vitamins as their juice. It is an excellent source of fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium, folic acid and beta-carotene.

They also absorb bad odors from the refrigerator, whiten nails, soften elbows and heels, and serve as an organic deodorant.

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A lemon next to your bed brings you many benefits.

1- No insects will come near your bedroom

Put a lemon next to your bed

No insect will stay in a place where it smells of lemon, the effect is accentuated if you put cloves in the lemon, or rub it against your skin, grate the peel or cut some pieces and you will repel them. This will avoid you spending a lot of money on repellents. There are uses of the lemon known by all.

2. Improves air quality

lemon next to your bed

As you know, the lemon has a powerful aroma. This makes you smell something nice when you put it near your bed during the night. This fruit is also a detoxify, which affects the quality of the air by providing a fresh and clean environment as if you were sleeping outside.

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3. Improves concentration

Placing the lemon next to your bed and breathing in its aroma every day is almost witchcraft, since it improves your concentration, your memory and also your brain activity. This will help you to make fewer mistakes at your workplace if you are one of those who has not yet started their summer break.

4. Help you sleep better

Put a lemon next to your bed

Do you suffer from stress and don’t you find better time than before to go over your whole day? Well, you should know that placing a few lemon slices and breathing three times will make you fall asleep like a baby, because this fruit relaxes the brain.

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5. Eliminates negativity

Even at the risk of sounding like the witch Lola, if you buy not very ripe lemons, cut one into pieces, surround them with salt on a plate and leave them under the bed, they say they will absorb the negative energy. Throw them away when you wake up.

6. Reduces blood pressure

lemon next to your bed

Traditionally, lemon balm was used to reduce blood pressure because it increases blood circulation. Although a piece of lemon is not an essential oil, it also has this effect. Inhale this fruit from time to time to achieve this benefit without the need for chemicals.

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7. Stress Relief

Between what we have left for the vacations or the post-holiday syndrome we spend the summer really stressed, so taking advantage of the relaxation of the nervous system provided by the aroma of citrus is always a good idea.

8. Better Breathing

lemon next to your bed

Lemon is antibacterial as well as antioxidant, which indicates why it can help you breathe more easily. If you suffer from asthma or a cold, you should put a lemon near your bed to help open your airways.

Here’s how to cut a lemon properly to place next to your bed

Put a lemon next to your bed every night

  • First, take a small plate or cutting board.
  • Next, place the lemon lengthwise (top to bottom) in your non-cutting hand.
  • Third, cut about three-quarters of their way down to the center of lemon. Rotate it 90 degrees and repeat.
  • Should lemon not hold up, cut enough off the opposite end to make it lay flat.

Certainly many benefits to having a pair of lemons at home! I think it’s definitely worth trying to sleep with a few lemon slices on the nightstand.

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