Japanese towel method promises to flat your stomach and reduce waist

A Japanese method which promises to get rid of fat around the belly and and reduce waist using only a towel.

Japanese towel method

It was designed by the Japanese doctor Toshiki Fukutsudzi a decade ago and its creator says that in addition to achieving good posture, we will be able to reduce centimeters in the waist for just 5 minutes a day.

The reflexologist and specialist in massage affirmed this method can strengthen the core muscles, overcome bad posture, reduce back pain and reduce waist.

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The 5-minute Japanese towel method actually burn belly fat?

Step by step how to apply the towel technique?

Japanese towel method

You can hold the towel with a rubber band to prevent it from unrolling. The ideal of these exercises is you don’t need much. You solve it with what you have at home:

Rolled up towel – make sure it’s shaped like a roller, about 10 cm in diameter and about 40 cm long (calculate the length of your shoulders).


Japanese towel method

Lie face up on a mat. Place the towel right on your lower back, above your sacrum. Align it with the height of your navel.

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Japanese towel method

You will stretch your legs, placing them slightly apart. The heels should be about 20 cm separated and it is important to place the feet facing inwards: the heels should be separated and the toes should touch.


Japanese towel method

Now stretch your arms above your head. Keep them slightly apart and palms turned towards the floor. Make your little fingers touch each other.


Japanese towel method

Hold this position 5 seconds

Take a deep breath as your body muscles stretch, your spine re-position itself and your belly hardens. Separate and bring your toes together. Over time, relax the posture.

Do 3 sets in total. And, to stand up, turn gently sideways.

To achieve a better balance, you should do 3 more sets in the opposite direction, in addition to the 15 seconds in this way.

This weight loss technique will help you reduce your lose weight strenuous way. Do it regularly and you will start seeing results in no time.

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