The Japanese facial massage can make you look 10 years younger

This Japanese facial massage can help you get rid of swelling and wrinkles in 5 minutes, and especially this technique will make you look much younger.

Japanese facial massage

They have been known to keep their faces young for much longer. However, this is not due to a mere genetic condition, in this country the skin and face care is very important.

The Japanese Asahi massage is popular all over the world, because it helps to relieve congestion on the face. In addition, this massage is a self-massage you can do at any time of the day, and ideally repeat it in the morning when you wake up and at night before bedtime.

Benefits of Japanese face massage

It works with the lymphatic channels, eliminating through them all toxins that may have accumulated in your face, and any other impurities.

In this way, it makes your skin look renewed and fresh. This treatment, if done regularly, prevents the appearance of wrinkles for longer, and also makes those that are less noticeable: a deflated face always looks better.

Also, this massage helps even out skin tone, treat bags and dark circles, and firm up sagging skin.

How to do japanese facial massage

1.Firstly, you should gently warm your hands and lymph channel, to prepare the means through which toxins and impurities will be eliminated. To do this, gently massage your face from the temples down to the collarbones.

Do this 3 times before the session and don’t forget to do it every time at the end of each massage action.

2. Then, touches to clear the forehead. To do this, use both hands and massage from the center to the sides, going down the clavicles again. This step will help attenuate the expression lines.

3. Eye bags and eye contour follow. It is very important to follow this step, as you know, the look is where you notice the most fatigue and swelling of the face. So, do this step carefully.

Massage your eyes from the outside to inside down and from inside to outside up. Then, from the inside to the outside to the bottom and down the lymphatic canal.

4. Now they touch the corners of the mouth, another area where some small wrinkles tend to accumulate. You must massage the corner of the lips with both hands, in a circular motion, from the pear to the nose and vice versa. As always, it ends up going down to the clavicles.

5. After the lips comes the nose. What you must do is massage it following the contour of the nostrils.

6. Continuing with the nose, now it is time to “tune up”. To do this, you have to squeeze it with both hands, from the cheeks to the septum. It goes down the lymphatic channel again (remember that this action is fundamental to drag all the toxins)

7. With flat hands, massage from the chin to the orbital arch (right next to the eyes) and down the temples and collarbones. The pressure will be done with your fingers.

8. Now you should make the same movement as before; but this time with your hands open and making the pressure with the base of your palms.

9. Step nine consists of holding the face with one hand, while pressing with the other hand diagonally, from the jaw to the inner corner of the eye and then to the temples and lymphatic canal. Repeat on the other side.

10. Now with the forefinger and major finger in tweezers press from the chin towards the top of the jaw and down to the clavicle.

11. Step eleven is to do a manual lift with both hands… To do this, you must form a ring with them and press the face from the center to the sides.

12. The first and last step is to tone up the neck and jowls. To do this, you must make slight upward movements.

13. At last, comb and massage the wrinkles of the forehead.

You can guide yourself with this video for any steps you don’t understand:

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