5 Minutes japanese method that promises to slim waist and lose belly fat in a short

japanese ab workout

There are many home workouts available, but most require materials or are time-consuming. One alternative is the Sakuma Method, which promises to get you in shape in as little as 5 minutes a day. Will you give it a try?

The japanese method, created by Japanese personal trainer Kenichi Sakuma, promises to slim the waistline and lose belly fat in just two weeks with simple exercises and only five minutes a day.

However, the Sakuma Method is different, as it does not require large movements, nor materials -beyond chairs or towels that we all have within reach- and it will not take you more than five minutes a day, much less than it takes you to choose a movie on Netflix.

Japanese Ab Workout

Exercise 1

japanese ab workout

This first exercise is intended to tone the lower body, reduce volume and strengthen the chest, arms and belly. To do this you must lie face down on a mat or on the floor and place your hands on your head at the level of the crown of your head with your elbows pointing sideways. Make sure your back is straight and aligned with your head, bring your chin close to your chest to avoid hurting your neck and place your waist on the floor. Once you have the posture, lift your legs as much as you can by pressing one against the other and the upper torso, hold the posture for 10 seconds. Do this exercise again, by crossing your ankles. Repeat each one 3 times without any rest.

Exercise 2

japanese ab workout

Another exercise proposed by Kenichi Sakuma to tone and correct hip rotation, while reducing volume in your thighs and sides of your hips, should also be done lying face down. In this case the chest remains in contact with the floor at all times, with the arms half crossed and with the head resting on them. In your lower part you should cross your ankles and separate your knees, from this position lift your thighs as much as you can. Repeat each time for 3 times without pause.

Exercise 3

japanese ab workout

Another of the most common areas to work on is your waist, to try to remove the fat that accumulates in this area. This exercise proposed by japanese method consists of sitting on a chair, with your back straight, letting your hands fall to the sides of your hips and moving your ears away from your shoulders. Then you will have to lift each side of the hip alternately without moving the shoulders, to make it easier you can accompany the movement by lifting the knee. Hold the position for three seconds on each side and repeat 10 times with no rest.

Exercise 4

japanese ab workout

In this exercise of the Sakuma Method you will activate the whole body. Stand upright, stretch your arms upwards crossing your fingers and stand on tiptoe. Next, squat down while maintaining the posture of your arms. Make sure your back is straight and do not lean forward or backward. Do this exercise 15 to 20 times in a row.

Exercise 5

japanese ab workout

Finally, we propose to you the fifth exercise to introduce you to the Sakuma Method. In this exercise, you will also work all the muscles and stability. To perform it, bend one knee at a right angle and leave the other behind as shown in the picture, keeping the tip of the foot on the floor. Stretch your arms forward and interlace your fingers, turn your torso and arms as far as you can towards the side where your knee is resting, without lowering or raising your arms. Now turn to the opposite side and when you have reached your stop, raise your fists forming a diagonal. Do this exercise 20 times, then change to another leg and repeat 20 times.

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