15-minute inner thigh workout that will tone your legs like crazy


The inner thighs are a concern for all women : unfortunately, the fat that accumulates in this area is one of the most difficult to fight because the adductors – that is the name of the small muscles inside the thighs – are not much used in everyday life.

Hiit Workout offers you 6 simple and effective inner thigh workout that you can do at home to get toned thighs!

If you really want to get your legs in shape, in addition to HIIT or strength training, you should also do cardio. For example, jumping rope, climbing stairs, or high-intensity aerobics are great for this. To find out what the best inner thigh exercises are, as well as an at-home workout plan, check out our article!

Abductors: What are they?

They are a group of muscles located on the inner side of the thigh. Their function is to allow hip adduction, the movement that brings a limb, in this case the leg, closer to a plane, an axis or a reference point.

They are opposite to the abductors, which perform the movement of hip abduction, that is, the movement of distance. For example, the adductors are used to cross your legs when sitting or in soccer when shooting or passing.

The adductors are 5 muscles in all, each with its own specific function. Together they are essential for stabilizing the pelvis when walking or running.

Specifically, they are

  • Adductor major : triangular in shape, located between the gracilis and the short adductor, it is the deepest and strongest of the hip abductors. Its action rotates the thigh inward.
  • Adductor longus : it is a flat triangular muscle, its superficial side is covered by the femoral fascia and underneath it is related to the sartorius and vastus medialis muscles. It adducts and externally rotates the thigh.
  • Adductor brevis : Triangular in shape, it lies deep to the adductor longus and superficial to the adductor major. It adducts and externally rotates the thigh.
  • Pectineus : quadrilateral in shape, it is located in the upper medial part of the thigh. It adducts, flexes and externally rotates the femur.
  • Gracilis : is the only biarticular muscle of the adductors, flattened and ribbon-shaped, it occupies the medial side of the thigh. It is covered by the femoral fascia and lies deep to the adductor longus and adductor major muscles. It adducts the thigh, flexes and rotates the leg medially.

There are many factors, such as age or pregnancy, that can cause the inner thigh muscles to lose tone. As a result, despite a successful diet or regular exercise, the fat on the inner thigh is often the last to disappear, leaving the thighs touching in an uncomfortable and unattractive way.

The best workout to tone your inner thigh


For visible results, we recommend doing a thigh workout at least 3 times a week. To successfully lose weight and tone your body, a balanced and healthy diet is essential in addition to sufficient exercise.

Ready to get started?


1- Sumo squats


This is a lower body strength exercise, and the wide stance emphasizes the inner thigh muscles. Keep your back straight, abs tight and make sure your knees stay in line with your toes.

Do 15 repetitions of 3 sets.

2- Standing side leg raises


The side leg raise, is one of the best workouts for building strength in your hips, gluts, thighs, and abdominal muscle. This exercise also increases core strength.

20 leg raises for each leg and 3 sets are all you need to do.

3- Deep side lunges


The deep side lunge increases strength and power in the legs. The side step increases hip mobility and flexibility.

Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions on each leg.

4- Plank Leg Raises


This exercise is a very simple and effective movement. It strengthens the quadriceps when done correctly. It is also easy on the knees.

The first step to perform these exercises is to place your forearms on the floor and your knees on the same axis as your hips. Next, lift your right leg first, extend it, and lift it up. Then return to the starting position without resting your knee on the floor. Do the same with your left leg.

Repeat for 15 repetitions of 3 sets.

5- Fire Hydrant


The fire hydrant primarily works the abductor muscles, a group of muscles responsible for moving the thigh to the side of the body. The side leg is also an effective workout for toning the hip area.

Perform 25 repetitions on each leg for 3 sets.

6- Lying side leg raises


Lie on your right side and lean into your hand. Place your left hand firmly on the floor in front of you. Slowly raise and lower your right leg without sudden or jerky movements. Repeat with the other leg.

Perform 20 repetitions for 3 sets.

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