“I’m rebellious”: at 94, this granny dresses like a teenager regardless of criticism

this granny dresses like a teenage

There are some things for which there should be no age; for example, clothing. Of course, we don’t mean trying to wear baby socks at 30 years old because there is no way a foot that big can fit into a garment that small.

However, when it comes to designs and colors, there are those who believe that they can only be worn at a certain age. But this couldn’t be further from the truth; we all have the freedom and the right to wear the clothes we want; even if there is always someone there to criticize.

Helen Ruth van Winkle is a 94-year-old granny who became an internet celebrity for her particular way of dressing. She is an eccentric woman who is not afraid to show her amazing personality and doesn’t care what people say. She loves to dress in very colorful, sexy and extravagant outfits.

Grandmothers are often thought of as sweet old ladies in baggy dresses and slippers, sitting in a rocking chair knitting chambritas. But Helen decided to break that stereotype and, now close to a century old, she dresses with youthfulness.

Originally from Kentucky, Helen van Winkle is a fashion icon. With her personality and curious way of dressing, she has conquered the hearts of people around the world. She is a celebrity on Instagram, where she has more than three million followers.

Popularly known as Baddie Winkle, she became a sensation in 2014. Her nickname comes from the word “bad”, which means “bad”; this because it goes against what is traditionally expected of a grandmother. She even considers herself a bad woman, which is why she loves the nickname.

“I’m a bad woman, I’ve always been a rebel.”

Helen was born on July 18, 1928 and her long life has not been all rosy. On her 35th wedding anniversary, her husband lost his life in a car accident and her son also passed away, at the age of 46 after losing his battle with cancer.

To help herself out of that sadness, Baddie Winkle was born, an eccentric and cheerful character that allowed her to show the beauty in her heart in a fun way. Although not to everyone’s liking, the woman is very happy with the way she is

Baddie is authentic, cheerful, fun and eccentric. Her confidence and self-esteem are an example not only to the older ones but to the young ones as well. Her outfits are fabulous, colorful and quirky and she has a style worthy of Barbie.

His road to fame began in 2014, one day when he was wearing shorts and a faded T-shirt. His great-granddaughter took a picture of him and then helped him create an Instagram account to share it. From the first moment, she captivated users; she is now a celebrity that even artists like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus look up to.

She celebrates life every day and expresses her joy through her clothes. With her unique style she continues to captivate and inspire people.