How to remove garlic smell from hands


If you already stopped using garlic as seasoning just to avoid the bad smell on your hands, these tips are especially made for you!

With a few cleaning tricks using vinegar, coffee grounds and fresh herbs, you can remove the garlic smell from your hands without being afraid to use the food. Find out how to solve this problem!

Coffee grounds can help easily to remove garlic smell from your hands.

When used to neutralize odors, ground coffee can be a great ally to remove garlic smell from your hands! For this, just rub some of the dry powder on your hands, then wait a few minutes and rinse with detergent. The lees should make a gentle skin exfoliation and eliminate the unpleasant garlic odor.

White vinegar can also be useful to remove garlic smell from your hands.

In the case of vinegar ( ideally white ), a trick to eliminate the smell of garlic from your hands is putting a little of the substance into a container, soaking your fingers and rubbing for a minute or two. Afterwards, wash your hands with soap and water or detergent and verify if smell has come out completely. Repeat this procedure if necessary!

Parsley and other fresh herbs help remove garlic odor

Did you know that rubbing your hands a few times on a parsley branch and other fresh herbs, like celery, basil and mint can solve garlic odor problems? To do this, first you must put your hands under an open tap with running water (without rubbing them or anything). Allow water to drain for approximately a minute (with a container under the tap to reuse water).

Next, dry with a towel and rub your hands with some of herbs. Then rinse thoroughly with soap and water and check if garlic smells have completely gone out. Also, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to help remove the smell.

Share this amazing tricks with your friends and family, it will certainly be useful!