How to make homemade protein powder in 10 Minutes

A lot of protein powders are very expensive to buy and don’t really provide everything they claim to. A cheap and very healthy option is to make our own protein powder.

homemade protein powder

Today, more people are training regularly to improve their fitness and physical appearance as well. Resistance training is what triggers the increase in muscle mass, and the protein we eat provides the raw material that muscles need to grow.

Since the natural processed proteins recommended by many gyms are very expensive, we want to share this homemade protein recipe, so you can make your own at home and improve the results of your workout routines.

Below you will find a recipe made only with seeds, nothing else; quick and easy to prepare and you will save a lot of money!

How to make a homemade protein powder?

homemade protein powder

This homemade protein is vegan and 100% natural, you only need the following ingredients and a blender to make it.


¾ cup dried pea
¾ cup amaranth seeds
¾ cup pumpkin seeds
¾ cup sunflower seeds
¾ cup chia seeds
¾ cup oats
¾ cup flaxseeds


Start by blending the peas until you obtain a powder, separate and reserve. Do the same with amaranth, flaxseed, chia and oats.

Pay special attention when blending the pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, these seeds have fats, if you blend them too much you may end up with a paste, which we don’t want.

It doesn’t matter if they are not 100% powdered, because once you have the protein ready you will grind it again in the blender when you make your shakes.

homemade protein powder

Once you have all the seeds ground, mix very well in a container, and store them in a cool, dry place or refrigerator.


This recipe gives you 10 servings of approximately ¼ cup and each provides 10.6 grams of protein. In addition, they also provide us with high doses of omega 3 fatty acids and fiber.

Helps balance our hormones and makes us feel fuller for longer, which helps to control and lose weight, also regulates our intestinal transit, that is, it helps us to go to the bathroom regularly.

You can use this protein when making shakes or juices to complement your workouts, the mix is rich in protein, carbohydrates and fiber, do not worry about the carbohydrates because they are not processed and are essential for your workout, as they are the main source of energy.

The vegetable protein helps your muscles work much better, this mix contains up to 178 g of protein.

homemade protein powder

How to consume it?

You can consume this powder in smoothies, mixed in a glass of vegetable milk, with cereal or oatmeal, or even sprinkled on top of fruit or yogurt.

Remember that this homemade protein powder does not have flavorings or a lot of added sugar like industrial protein powders, so if you want to give it a touch of flavor you can add vanilla essence, cocoa or cinnamon powder.

Enjoy with this delicious homemade protein, and don’t forget to SHARE with your friends.