How to lose arm fat in 7 day: No more flabby arms!

How to lose arm fat in 7 days

Do you want to lose arm fat in 7 days?

Although it may seem like a complicated goal at first, the truth is that there are exercises that work in a localized way in the area of your arms. In addition, you need to follow a diet low in saturated fats to lose weight and get strong and toned arms.

You can perform these arm fat exercises with no weights and no special equipment is required and can be done by anyone at any age. All you need is 10 minutes and 7 days to get your arms in shape.

How to lose arm fat in 7 days

1. Push-ups

How to lose arm fat in 7 days

This is a great and simple exercise that you can do from anywhere. This exercise works the shoulders, chest, and upper back.

Hold your arms slightly wider than your shoulders, with your head facing the floor. Slowly lower yourself down and bend your arms so that your elbows are pointing away from your body at a 45-degree angle. Then slowly rise up.

If the straight leg option is too difficult for you yet, rely on your knees. You can also increase the efficiency by doing push-ups with the hands set narrowly.

Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

2. Chair Dips

How to lose arm fat in 7 days

This works the triceps, shoulders and upper back.

Place your hands on the seat of a chair or couch, with your feet about half a meter apart. Keep your back straight and slowly lower yourself until your arms are at a 90-degree angle. Using your triceps, lift to the starting position.

Do 2-3 sets of 10 or take a minute and try to do as many reps as you can.

3. Reverse Plank

It works shoulders, abs, triceps, hamstrings, glutes.

Sit on the floor with legs outstretched, lean back a little and lean on your hands. Then take your hips off the floor and lift them up.

Make sure your arms and legs do not bend. Your body should form a straight line. Hold the position for a minute. After a short break repeat the exercise again.

4. Raising and lowering in the plank

Start position is the same as for push-ups. Pull up your tailbone and make sure that you tense your body and it forms a straight line without bending. If all the conditions are met, start alternately straightening and flexing your arms, shifting them from your palms to your elbows.

Do 3 sets of 16 times.

5. Dumbbell Extension

How to lose arm fat in 7 days

If you have 0.5–2 kg dumbbells, that’s great. But if not, then water bottles will do. Sit on a chair and straighten your back.

Take a dumbbell with both hands, bend them at the elbow and bring them behind your head. Slowly lower the dumbbell down behind your head, then return it to its original position. When doing this exercise, try not to lean on the back of the chair and keep your back straight.

Do 3 sets of 15 times.

6. Bent over arm extension

How to lose arm fat in 7 days

A very popular triceps exercise. Take a chair and lean forward so that your torso is parallel to the floor.

Rest on a chair with one hand, hold a dumbbell in the other hand. The arm is bent at a 90 degree angle. Slowly extend your arm and bend, Then change hands.

Do 3 sets of 15 times.

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