How to get rid of tobacco smell in home


Do you smoke inside but can’t stand the smell? Whether you are a smoker or not, the smell of cigarette smoke is very difficult to eliminate at home. Allowing bad smells to permeate the atmosphere inside your apartment does not make it pleasant.

There are many remedies to avoid bad odors or get rid of them, and today in this article we are going to focus on explaining how to get rid of tobacco smell quickly and effectively in your home.

First, you must clean out all sources of tobacco smell inside a room, such as ashtrays, cigarette butts, or anything else that might cause odor.

How to get rid of tobacco smell

Vinegar trick

Vinegar functions like a sponge to absorb bad odors and neutralize them entirely. Therefore, using this trick to eliminate tobacco odor sounds very useful, efficient, and economical as well.

You will need:

1 liter of white vinegar, apple or wine.
6 medium sized bowls.


  1. First, you should open all windows and allow air to circulate around the rooms during 15 minutes.
  2. Then add half a glass to each bowl and spread them around every room in your house where the smell of tobacco is found.
  3. Let it work for 24 hours then remove all bowls.
  4. After this, you can open windows and air the rooms again for 15 minutes.

Other tips to eliminate odors

For Prevention

The best way to avoid the smell of tobacco in the house is to stop smoking indoors. However, if you don’t, you should only smoke in a specific place in your home. In this way, the smell will only accumulate there and, although it may spread to other rooms, will not be difficult to eliminate.

Air purification

Open windows daily is essential, especially if you want to renew the air in your home. Also, a small trick that can be used to activate a fan, so the new air is distributed more quickly around a room.

Smells and tissues

To get rid of tobacco smell totally is not always an easy task, because it sticks very easily onto household textiles: clothes, curtains, carpets, sofas… It is necessary to wash all these items with some frequency, many times as possible. In order to eliminate the bad smell once and for all, it will be necessary.

As you can see, there are little tips that you can start to follow if you don’t want bad smells to become a constant in your home.

Share this amazing tricks with your friends and family, it will certainly be useful!