How to Get a Bigger Toned Booty Without Exercise

How to Get a Bigger Toned Booty Without Exercise

Forget about Exercise! there are other very effective alternatives to make your butt look bigger and slimmer.

In my family all women have big butts, however, I wasn’t born with ‘that gift’, and although I used to feel a little self-conscious before, experience and the Internet have taught me some tricks that can work wonders.

Here are some of them:

Skinny jeans

The skynny jeans are a true wonder. Besides flattering your legs, the cut of this garment will make your butt look more lifted than usual. If you are about to buy a new pair of jeans choose a pair of these and preferably high waisted to shape your figure much more.


Always choose pants and shorts with pockets in the back. Make sure the pockets are small, as the large ones will create the opposite effect we are looking for.

Stand up straight

If you align your posture, not only will your butt look bigger, but also firmer. Try it. It’s not about wiggling like a model, it’s about keeping your back straight and shoulders aligned. You’ll even gain a few inches – check it out!


Corsets help you reduce your waist, and consequently, your hips and buttocks can look larger. Also, they are super sexy.

Pencil skirts

Even if you are very slim, a pencil skirt cut at the waist will pronounce your hips and your butt will look much bigger. As a plus, you can wear a fitted crop top to emphasize your curves.

High-waisted clothes

How to Get a Bigger Toned Booty Without Exercise

This is my favorite cut in the world. There are jeans, shorts and skirts galore. Of all the tricks I think this is the infallible one to visually enhance and firm your butt.

Pleated skirts

This type of garment will become your ally, as it will visually make the buttock area look bigger than it is.

Heeled shoes

They are perfect to lift your butt, show off shapely legs and balance your figure. Dare to combine them with your entire closet and enjoy the change.

What do you think of these tricks? What other one can you think of?