How to do burpees for beginners

How to do burpees for beginners

The burpee is an exercise designed to measure anaerobic endurance. It is performed in several movements (born from the union of push-ups, squats and vertical jumps) and it works abs, back, chest, arms and legs.

Its origin dates back to the 1930s when Royal H. Burpee, a physiologist at Columbia University in the United States, developed in his doctoral thesis a simple but high-intensity workout that did not require external equipment to measure agility and coordination.

However, this complete exercise became popular after it was used by the US Army, specifically by the Army and Navy, to evaluate the physical condition of the military in preparation for World War II.

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Steps to perform burpees correctly for beginners

How to do burpees for beginners

1– To perform the “burpees” exercise, start from a squatting (or squatting) position, place your hands on the floor and keep your head up.

2– Then the legs are moved backwards with the feet together and a push-up (also known as an elbow bend) is performed. Here you should keep your back straight and touch the floor with your chest.

3– The legs are then brought together to return to the starting position. The movement should be fluid, so it is important to work on coordination.

4- Finally, from the starting position, the whole body is lifted in a vertical jump, raising the hands. You can clap your hands above your head. Remember that it is important to cushion the fall and land as softly as possible. Then return to the squat position to repeat the exercise.

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The number of sets and rest time between sets of burpees will depend on your level: beginner, intermediate, advanced.


  • With this exercise, arms, chest, shoulders, abs, legs and buttocks become active.
  • It does not require to be performed in a specific space or external elements.
  • Contributes to improve pulmonary and cardiac resistance.
  • Allows to tone and increase muscle mass in less time, which can contribute to accelerate the metabolism.
  • For each repetition of burpees can burn about 10 kcals

You must know that…

It is common for beginners to see this exercise as complex or difficult to perform. The expert’s advice is to perform it at your own level and adapt the intensity and repetitions to your capabilities.

It is not an exercise particularly suitable for developing strength, so you should combine it with other exercises.

It works the pushing muscles and not the pulling muscles, so it will not develop the biceps or dorsals.

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