How to cook white rice in Thermomix in a few minutes

Did you know that you can cook white rice in Thermomix very easily and quickly? we tell you how to make it and you will not do it any other way!

how to cook white rice in Thermomix

If you have Thermomix it is possible that you have realized the great amount of recipes that you can make and have prepared a world of different dishes, focusing on the most elaborate, but maybe leaving aside the simplest.

A simple and exquisite recipe prepared with this cooking machine, which will make it easier for us to prepare and help us stay focused.

Once you prepare the white rice with Thermomix, you won’t want to do it another way. The recipe we propose is for approximately four people and will not need more than half an hour to make it.



Preparation time: 20 minutes


350 g of rice
800 g of water
50 g of olive oil


  1. Add water, oil and a touch of salt to the glass of the Thermomix (to taste, with time you will get the point). Afterwards, we put the basket accessory inside the glass. We have to make the water boil, so we are going to program 7 minutes to varoma temperature, speed 4.
  2. After finishing the 7 minutes, the water will be boiling and it will be time to add the rice. We will do it without opening the glass of the Thermomix, and using the hole we have in the lid. Therefore, we pour the rice through that hole and it will fall into the basket we have inside the glass. We programmed 13 minutes at varoma temperature, speed 4. During these minutes, we will be removing the rice from time to time with the help of the spatula (through the hole in the lid).
  3. When the 13 minutes we had programmed have passed, we will have to check if we have cooked the rice to our liking. It’s usually just right, but if you think it’s still a little hard, you can add a couple more minutes, at the same speed and temperature.
  4. Once cooked, we quickly take out the basket with the white rice and put it in a bowl or a dish.
  5. Now it’ s ready!

You can see that in a short time you will be able to make a base food that will be in a perfect spot. The garlic will give a flavored touch to this white rice in Thermomix, but you can use other resources such as changing the water for a vegetable broth that you prepare yourself.

You can make extra white rice and keep it in the fridge, it will keep for 5 days. Also, it can be a good meal resource to have at home, if you don’t have much time to cook, or to take to work during the week.

White rice is consumed practically all over the world, and is prepared by cooking rice in water. Normally, it is used to accompany other “stronger” dishes, as well as different garnishes.

Some of these dishes that use white rice, and can be a good resource for meals, for example:

  • Arroz a la cubana: A dish in which white rice is accompanied by fried eggs, sausages, fried plantain and tomato sauce.
  • Rice three delights: A dish in which white rice is mixed with peas, carrots, ham, French omelette and prawns.

Also, it can be a good accompaniment for meat with sauce or meatballs. However, you can use it depending on the ingredients you have in your fridge – having white rice to spare never hurts! Use different ingredients to avoid monotony, it allows you an infinite number of combinations. Get your imagination going!