How to clean sneakers and other shoes


The sneakers are made of rubber, that tends to be yellow. You can get rid of them at home using some home remedies like toothpaste, acetone, baking soda, vinegar, chlorine, citric acid and other products.

Regardless of how dirty your shoes are, a regular wash is a constant part of your care. You should first wash your shoes thoroughly with warm water using a sponge and any cleaning agents before using aggressive clean methods.

7 ways to clean sneakers and other shoes

1- Washing machine

For effective washing of sneakers, you should first soak them in powder with water for 30-45 minutes and then proceed directly to washing.

  1. First you need to remove the stencil and laces. You must also select the appropriate washing machine mode (delicate or special – for shoes).
  2. It is necessary to observe the temperature regime within 40 degrees to avoid deformation and color change.
  3. You should not under any circumstances use the squeeze and dry modes, because this will spoil the look of the product.

You should not dry your shoes on a pile as the rubber glue has properties of melting. You can fill the shoes with paper and put them in a warm place or use a special electric device to dry the shoes.

2- Toothpaste

For a yellow sole, whitening toothpaste will be a good help. You only need hot water and old toothbrush. Using a sponge or cloth is not desirable. When you have finished cleaning, you should rinse your shoes well, so that white stains do not appear when you dry them.

3- Chlorine or whiteness

The whiteners and brighteners have strong alkaline properties, so they effectively clean dirty surfaces. Most often chlorine, bleach or other bleaching agents are used to clean sports shoes, boots or boots.

Prepare a highly concentrated solution of water and the selected alkaline agent and pour it into a wide-bottomed container to fit the shoes.
Then put the shoes in the solution so that they only interact with the soles for 1-2 hours.
Afterwards, rinse the shoes with clean water.

4- Hydrogen peroxide

An effective way to whiten shoes, sneakers.

  1. First, you need to wipe the shoes, sneakers or slips dry before they are washed.
  2. Apply a 3% peroxide solution to a cotton pad and wipe the problem areas. This procedure can be repeated several times as needed.
  3. Once cleaned, you should dry your shoes completely.

5- Citric acid

To keep the rubber shoe sole white with citric acid, we recommend you follow these tips:

clean the shoes with a damp cloth.
Immerse a wet toothbrush in acid crystals and rub shoes well.
Rinse your shoes.

You can also use the juice applied to the cotton pad instead of “lemon”. But such cleaning will be less effective because of weak juice concentration.

6- Boric acid

A very popular prescription is boric acid, available at a drugstore. For this, you need these ingredients:

  • 1 kg Kitchen salt
  • 3 L Water
  • 60 ml Boric acid

Add the salt to boiling water and stir it periodically until it dissolves completely. Once the liquid has completely cooled down, put boric acid in it. You can immediately clean the shoes using this solution or soak the shoe sole for about one hour. When using this method, keep in mind the safety regulations: wear gloves and a protective mask, and ventilate the room.

7- Acetone

You can clean the areas with a cloth or a cotton swab soaked in acetone and your shoes will again enjoy whiteness. Do not use a fabric of bright colors, as the paint can be printed and no longer washed.