How to clean an iron and leave it like new


Sometime we have all chosen a wrong temperature and ended up burning the clothes, there may be some stains or residue left and wearing them again in this condition would ruin other pieces of clothing.

Eventually, irons deteriorate and can end up ruining the clothes. Water in steam irons causes limescale and other mineral deposits to build up.

However, there is a solution for all of them. By using the instructions on how to clean an iron with baking soda (the most effective household cleaner), and other home tricks, it will look just like the first day.

Here’s how to clean an iron with baking soda and make it look like new.

1. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with one tablespoon of water (better if it is distilled so that it is free of lime and other impurities).

2. Stir until it has the consistency of a watery paste but thick enough to be applied to the base of the iron.

3. Apply the resulting paste to the base of the plate. To do this, you can use your fingers or help yourself with a plastic, wood or non-scratching spatula.

4. Allow the paste to work for a few minutes. Then remove the paste with a clean, slightly damp cloth. Finish off with a clean, dry cloth.

5. To clean the steam holes, you can use a cotton bud like those used to clean the ears. Or cover a skewer stick with kitchen paper, for example. Moisten them with distilled water and gently wipe the holes.

6. Empty the water tank, and fill it to one-third of its capacity with distilled water or a mixture of distilled water and white vinegar, at a ratio of one part water to three parts water.

7. Turn on the iron and set it at the highest temperature and with the steam option activated so that it passes through the holes and finishes cleaning all the dirt in the tank and the circuits.

8. Iron an old clean cloth to collect the dirt that is loosened. Finally, empty the tank completely and let it cool down.

With vinegar


To do this, all you have to do is heat a glass of white vinegar. Immerse a clean cloth and pass it through the base of the iron. The cloth should be made of cotton and should not have any fabric that could be abrasive. You must rub hard to remove the most embedded stains.

If the stains are resistant, you can add a couple of spoonfuls of salt. Dilute the salt in the vinegar and repeat the operation again with the cloth. When it is clean, we will pass a slightly humid cloth to remove any possible rest of dirt. Finally, wipe it dry before storing it.

With table salt

Salt has an infinite number of uses and not only in the kitchen but is also part of many cleaning tricks. With coarse salt you can leave your iron shiny and ready to iron any kind of fabric. To do this,

To do this, take a dry cloth and add several tablespoons of fine salt. Turn on the iron and, when it is hot, rub it until the dirt or burn marks disappear. When it has been done, turn off the iron and wait for it to cool down. Once this has been done, clean the surface with a damp cloth and remove any remains.

With these steps, we will have the metal completely clean in a very short time, ready to iron again.

With newspaper

This trick is used to clean the iron when it’s sticky. Set it to maximum temperature, but without water and with the steam option turned off. And run it through the newspaper until it doesn’t stick and slides smoothly.

With a dishwasher

It is very useful especially if stains are found in the openings of the iron. To do the cleaning you have to mix the dishwasher with hot water. Then use a cotton swab and rub the cotton against the holes in the iron.

In a very short time you will have finished with the stains that usually remain in the holes. Afterwards, we will only have to wipe the entire surface of the metal with a slightly damp cloth. Let it dry and the iron is ready for use.

With toothpaste

Apply some toothpaste to the base of the iron and rub with a clean cloth. Then, turn it on and let it steam for a few minutes.

With candles

Although it may seem strange, candle wax is highly recommended to clean the metal of the iron. To clean the iron with the candle wax you have to light the iron and wait for it to get hot. When it gets hot, you have to pass a candle through the metal. Afterwards, you will have to remove the wax with a clean cloth. The results are perfect.

Share this amazing tricks with your friends and family, it will certainly be useful!