How fast is your brain? Find the hidden letter in 20 seconds

Challenging yourself is good to keep the mind sharp and have some fun.

You must bring out your competitiveness and chase after that feeling of victory that comes once you overcome a new challenge.

Can you find the hidden letter? All right, here’s today’s challenge.

Below we can see a picture with lots of Y.

The challenge is to find a letter that is not a Y – you have 20 seconds to do it.

Here is the picture – can you find the hidden letter?

Do you see it? It’s not that easy, but it should be fine if you focus.

If you can’t find it, the answer will be after the next picture.

Here is the letter:

There, quite far down to the right, we can see a T!

Quite a difficult challenge, and the colors certainly didn’t make it any easier.

You found it on your own, so congratulations to you!

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