Homemade carrot cream to reduce stretch marks

You probably don’t know that carrots can be used to reduce stretch marks, so here’s a simple recipe to help you achieve your goal with this homemade cream.

 Homemade carrot cream to reduce stretch marks

Stretch marks come from being pregnant or from a constant change in weight, and therefore are annoying for many women because, although they cannot be removed, it is possible to reduce them to less noticeable ones, so keep reading and discover this quick and easy recipe that you can do with carrots.

However, why do stretch marks appear? Because they are marked after the elastic fibers located under the surface of the skin break caused by drastic changes in weight are visible at first in a reddish or purple color, and over time its color changes to gray or white.

After stretch marks appear, there is no reason to stop them, but it does not mean that we cannot attenuate to make them less visible, although the ideal is to keep the skin hydrated all the time to avoid their reappearance.

And although stretch marks should not cause us embarrassment, many women find them uncomfortable, especially when they cannot be removed. In fact, there is a surgical process to remove them, which is painful and very expensive.

Homemade carrot cream recipe

 Homemade carrot cream to reduce stretch marks

Lucky carrots are a great way to help reduce stretch marks, and the best we can do at home to reduce stretch marks effectively.

You will need:

2 half-baked carrots
30 grams of aloe vera gel
10 grams of horsetail
1 spoonful of avocado
50ml of water
10 drops of rose-hip oil
5 drops of almond essential oil


  1. Start by blending the carrots with Aloe Vera and Avocado until these three ingredients are perfectly combined.
  2. Then, when the pasta is ready, put it in a bowl and add the horsetail and drops of rose-hip and almond oil.
  3. Once everything is integrated, pour the paste into a glass container with a cover, apply it every night in the areas where you want to reduce the stretch marks.
  4. Allow it to work for 20 minutes then remove it with warm water.

You can also mix 2 cooked carrots with 1/2 cup of almond milk or equivalent to 125 milliliters, and integrate them perfectly until the carrot has the consistency of a puree and then apply it directly to the stretch marks.