10 home remedies for sunburn relief on face

Do you know which home remedies for sunburn on face? We tell you some useful home tricks, to relieve pain and regrow your skin.

home remedies for sunburn relief on face

During summer, sun protection is an essential factor to avoid sunburn and keep moisturized skin.It can also cause sunburn on face, causing pain, irritation, dark spots and wrinkles.

When this happens, there are a number of home remedies that will help to relieve painful and uncomfortable skin redness. These recipes are very simple to prepare and include ingredients that are easily found in a fridge or in a garden.

Best home remedies for sunburn relief

1. Cucumber

home remedies for sunburn relief on face

Cucumber has a cooling effect and immediately soothes sunburn burns on your skin. It is also moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and restorative. Simply cut cucumber into slices and place them on your face for a few minutes.

2. Coconut oil

home remedies for sunburn relief on face

Coconut oil is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and reduces irritation caused by sunburn. You can apply this preparation directly on dry skin after getting out of sun exposure.

3. Tomato

home remedies for sunburn relief on face

An excellent moisturizer, it quickly relieves sunburn and dryness of skin burned by UV rays. Tomato are also anti-inflammatory and reduce sun damage because they contain procollagen, a molecule that helps keep skin firm.

For application on skin, you can cut slices and apply them directly to your skin. You can also make a tomato smoothie and place the pulp as a mask on face for about 15 minutes. Then rinse gently with cool water.

4. Oatmeal

home remedies for sunburn relief on face

Oatmeal can be applied directly to your skin. In this way, it will have a much more effective effect on burned skin. Immediately the sunburned area will be relaxed.

5. Potato

home remedies for sunburn relief on face

They have a high starch content, which helps soothe burns in a short time. Cut a raw potato into slices and place them gently on damaged skin without rubbing. Allow them to rest for a while, then replace them with new slices. You can also blend them with a little water to form a paste.

6. Milk

home remedies for sunburn relief on face

Milk and yogurt without additives relieve sunburn burning, restore lost moisture and help to regrow sun-damaged skin. For use, soak a cloth in milk or yogurt and spread it over your face, leaving it on for a few minutes. Then rinse with cold water.

7. Apple cider vinegar

home remedies for sunburn relief on face

Because apple cider vinegar is acetic acid content, it can quickly relieve itching, burning and inflammation. Simply apply it to affected skin to relieve itching and pain. You can also place in a spray bottle to make this process easy.

8. Cold yogurt

home remedies for sunburn relief on face

Like milk, yogurt can become your greatest ally against the effects of sunburn. Simply soak a piece of absorbent cotton with a little cold yogurt and spread it around the inflamed area.

9. Aloe vera

home remedies for sunburn relief on face

Aloe vera contains various active components that help relieve pain and regenerate sunburned skin. It is anti-inflammatory, healing, cellular regenerator and strengthens the collagen and elastin fibers of epidermis.

To apply aloe, you should extract the gel from aloe leaf and apply it directly on sunburns for a few minutes. You can also buy aloe vera gel products.

10. Drink lots of water

home remedies for sunburn relief on face

A final trick for sunburn relief by drinking plenty of water. It is essential to stay hydrated during the 48 hours after sunburn to help repair damaged skin.

Before you have to take steps to avoid harmful effects of sunburn on face, apply a sunscreen to prevent damage. In case your face shows the signs of sunburn, use some of these homemade recipes to relieve the sun’s effects.

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