At-Home Oblique Workout For Beginners

At-Home Oblique Workout For Beginners

Today we bring you an obliques workout to do at home focused on working the lateral muscles of the abdomen. And it will help you reduce your waist.

A study published by ACE (American Council on Exercise) compared the effectiveness of machine and non-machine push-ups in exercising the external and internal obliques. It was concluded that most of the exercises without machines are just as effective with them.

It is very simple, it consists of a 4 sets of 30 seconds each. If your beginners, you can do the circuit only once, although the goal is to do it 2 times.

Each exercise should be performed for 30 seconds, moving on to the next without exceeding 10 seconds. Once you have finished, rest between 30 seconds and one minute and repeat the whole thing again.

Below you will find a few exercises that will strengthen and show abdominal oblique muscles.

1- Russian twist

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Sit on the floor with legs bent, heels resting on the floor and trunk leaning back so that you feel tension in the abdomen. Keeping this position, rotate the trunk to both sides at a steady pace.

2- Lateral hip raises

Lie on your side with your body weight on your lower leg and forearm. In this position, raise your hips as much as you can and then return to the starting position in a controlled manner. If you want to make this exercise more difficult, you can rest your body weight on the palm of your hand. Repeat this exercise at the opposite side.

3- Lateral oblique

Place your legs bent and hips turned to the right, place your hands behind your head. Then lift your shoulders off the floor. Avoid pulling on your neck to avoid neck injury, your hands should only accompany this movement. Repeat this exercise at the opposite side.

4- Touch elbow to knee

Lie on your side resting your body weight on your lower leg and on the palm of your hand. The body should remain aligned and the other hand should be touching the head. Then bend your upper leg and try to touch your elbow to your knee without taking your hand away from your head. If you find it difficult to keep your balance, you can rest your body weight on your forearm. Then repeat this exercise on the other side.

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