6 Home exercise routine that can make your core look awesome in just 4 weeks

As you know, the best way to be healthy and fit is to practice aerobic exercises and maintain a balanced and healthy diet. However, there are people who decide to work only that muscle group they want to show off.

exercise routine

A perfect six-pack or dream butt can be achieved if we focus only on working that area, but it will cost us much more and will not be as profitable. If, on the contrary, we exercise the whole body, we will be healthier, we will gain resistance, we will tone the whole body and it will take less time to reach our goal.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? But then, where’s the catch? Why don’t people do this directly? Usually it’s because of 3 myths:

Myth 1: Some people believe that if they focus all their efforts on one muscle group it will be easier for them to tone it.
Myth 2: They think that aerobic sport is more tiring.
Myth 3: They think it would take them longer to work all the muscle groups.

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If you want to benefit from the advantages of working your whole body to get fit and toned, here’s the perfect exercise routine to work all your muscle groups. With only 6 exercises and 25 minutes a day (you can start with 3 days a week if you are not used to doing sports) you will be in shape, healthy and muscular. This circuit will make you sweat, strengthen you and have fun doing it. All you need is some weights, a foot bench and a good attitude.

Let’s go!

1. Burpee with jumps from side to side

A burpee is a very complete movement and incredibly useful for developing our cardiovascular capacity. It is a kind of flexion on the ground that is accompanied by a jump. To do it we have to take these steps:

  1. Starting from a comfortable position.
  2. Put your hands on the floor (without lying down!).
  3. We stretch our legs quickly, almost explosively, to end up in the right position for bending.
  4. We do a flexion trying to touch the ground with our chest.
  5. When we return to the initial position of the flexion, we give ourselves another impulse to place our hands near our legs again
  6. We jump from that position until we are standing up. Meanwhile, we stretch our arms out to the ceiling.
  7. We repeat it cyclically.

But wait! The exercise we propose is not only to make burpees, but instead of reaching step number 7 so soon, we will give you more work. Once you are up again and have extended your arms upward, move from side to side making little jumps.

In our day to day life we don’t move sideways and that’s why we need to do it in training. You can do four side jumps (left-right-left-right) and then you will have finished the first repetition. But don’t stop! Now it’s time to repeat the movement cyclically. Do 8 repetitions.

2. Split squat with shoulder work

It’s time to get the weights! Take only one for this exercise. We are going to do split squats, which work mainly the buttocks, torso and legs (in fact they exercise almost all the muscles of the lower body that we usually want to tone, from the abdomen to the calves). But, since we have promised to work absolutely everything, we will put weight on one hand to strengthen the upper body. This is how to do it:

  1. Let’s sink one knee into the ground forming a vertical line between the shoulder, the hip and the knee of the leg we haven’t sunk (the one behind). The one in front has to be at a 90-degree angle.
  2. We contract the abdomen and buttocks (especially the one in the back leg).

So far it is a normal split squat, but what we have added to work the whole body are the weights. We take a weight with the hand corresponding to the knee. For example, if our left knee is touching the ground, the weight should be in the left hand.

You can get an idea with the computer graphics above. Once we are up, we also raise our arm with the weight. Then, we return to the initial position, but in reverse. If we have previously keeled the left knee, now we have to do the same with the right one and, in the same way, change the hand weight. Do another 8 repetitions.

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3. Push-ups with Cross Climbing

In order to do declined push-ups we will have to place ourselves in the same position that we use to do normal push-ups, but we will have to put our feet on a bench or similar surface. Then we follow the same mechanics as with traditional push-ups: we lower our body by bending our arms until our chest touches the ground and we raise it again by stretching our arms.

However, in this case we will not do push-ups that are declined to use, but rather we will mix them with the Cross Climbing, also called “climber’s exercise”, which is fantastic for working on a cardiovascular level and strengthens the legs, abdomen, shoulders and chest. Yes, it gets hard!

  1. Take up the position of the declined bending
  2. Holding the weight with our hands, we bring one knee to the opposite shoulder (right knee to left shoulder). We do the same with the other. Remember to bring the knee up to the triceps: it’s hard, but it’s worth it.

Repeat 8 times.

4. Front squat with weights

Squats are a basic exercise that never fails: they serve to work many different areas and, although they are very tiring (that is the goal!), they can be done easily. For this variation we will use two weights, one for each hand.

  1. Stand with your legs slightly apart and hold the weights in front of your chest keeping your back straight and your knees at full extension.
  2. We keep the weight on our heels.
  3. We lower our hips backwards, descending below the line of our knees and with our elbows upwards.
  4. We climb slowly and, meanwhile, we stretch our arms with the weights towards the ceiling. At the same time, we rotate to one side and repeat the same. Remember to keep the weight on your feet as you rotate.

8 repeats… don’t get dizzy!

5. Renegade row

This movement is probably the hardest of all exercise routines, but also one of the most useful. It works everything. EVERYTHING. But, don’t despair! We’re already getting to the end! Think about your goal: to be in shape, to be able to have fun running and jumping, to have toned muscles, a healthier life… Everything is positive, so go for it! Without a doubt, it’s worth the effort.

  1. Take a weight in each hand and place it on the floor with your arms stretched out. Your legs should be open and held only by the tips of your feet. And, above all, your shoulders should be above the hips and the weights just below the shoulders. You can look at the computer graphics above to get an idea.
  2. Take one weight to your chest, then lower it, put it back on the floor and lift the other one.

A great trick is to think that you are lifting your shoulder. Picture it and it will be easier to finish. Come on, you can do those 8 repetitions!

6. Overhead reach with Toe-Tap

There is only one last effort left to reach the end. That’s why we propose this combination of exercises that will help you finish working all the muscle groups in your body.

  1. Sit on the floor and hold a weight with both hands horizontally. Your legs should be bent.
  2. Keep your arms extended upwards and start to go down until your back touches the ground and your arms are holding the weight behind your head.
  3. Raise one leg and keep it stretched out.
  4. Raise the top slowly with your arms outstretched and make sure that the weight and the stretched leg are halfway up.

Do 8 repeats with each leg.

And that’s it! You’re done! The tiredness with which you have left this exercise routine to work all the muscles of your body will make you sleep like a baby tonight. In fact, doing sports is the best solution for insomnia.

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You will also notice that your body starts to generate endorphins and you will feel better, calmer, more relaxed and happy. But now, don’t stop! Get into a good rhythm and try to do this gymnastics circuit at least three times a week. Soon you will be in shape and you will not conceive life without physical exercise.