Hiit Treadmill Workout

Hiit Treadmill Workout

Some people enjoy their hour-long runs on the treadmill. However, some people don’t like this idea because they think it’s not a dynamic and fun activity, but it turns out that this can be quite the opposite when you take advantage of the treadmill to take on interval training.

Interval training on a treadmill consists of doing part of the workout at a higher intensity combined with recovery periods. This mode guarantees a higher calorie burn compared to training at a steady pace.

It will also bring you the long-awaited benefit of staying fit and spending less time in the gym to achieve great results. Let’s see what it consists of and the plan you can take on with a time investment of only 30 minutes.

What is interval training on a treadmill?

Hiit Treadmill Workout

This activity effectively combines the four fundamental principles of treadmill operation which are incline, speed, duration and recovery.

Interval training tends to be much more dynamic, interesting and creative than steady state workouts, as you will be constantly changing speeds and inclines.

In this sense, follow the exclusive 30-minute training plan below to start experiencing the changes in your body. To do this, consider the following first:

  1. A short warm-up for 3-4 minutes at 2.5 kph less than your usual speed, then run fast sets for 1 minute. For example, if your record speed is 14.5 kilometers per hour, you should
  2. start doing intervals for 1 minute.
  3. Then take a recovery between intervals with a moderate walk at 6.5 kph or a 9.5 kph jog, depending on your fitness level.
  4. Fully recover between segments 1 and 2, and finish with a 2 to 3 minute cool down.

Hiit Treadmill Workout

This workout will last 30 minutes.

Segment 1

Segment 2



Although this program is designed specifically for the treadmill, it can be performed outdoors as well by simply finding a moderate incline hill that allows you to perform replications on your incline segments; and a flat area for recovery times.

Remember to use a timer for time intervals and increase the effort when the time comes to do so.