Girl becomes a millionaire when she pretends to be a dog and fights with another “human puppy” in the street

Girl becomes a millionaire when she pretends to be a dog

Jenna Phillips took her work on social networks very seriously and her followers went through the roof because of the interesting concept she manages, the 21 year old woman from Texas has earned millions for the content she uploads to her networks where she pretends to be a puppy.

In her OnlyFans accounts she makes exclusive content for her subscribers while in TikTok and Twitter she promotes her material, although she is clear that what she does is purely for fun, many people do not take it that way.

Jenna went viral after uploading a video of her walking on all fours while being led by her master, along the way she encounters another woman, also on all fours but she is tied to a metal fence. Out of nowhere or perhaps acted out, they both start growling and barking.

Her post was accompanied with the caption “lucky they were holding me back.” The video has more than 30 million views.

Although it may seem very strange, this trend of “human puppies” is something unusual but it has become quite normal among men and women who decide to pretend to be dogs.

This game, or role reversal from human to animal, is prevalent in the gay community according to Vice, and after shows like The Secret Life of Human Puppies it has become a trend in pop culture, especially among straight women.

Just as many couples or people have fetishistic tastes, this idea is far from being related to animal abuse, women do it for fun, with no intention of hurting anyone.

According to the Daily Star, Jenna earns more than 700 thousand pounds a year approximately 947 500 dollars, who left her job in an optician’s shop to dedicate herself to making content on internet platforms.

The young woman shared in an interview on a YouTube channel that at first she did more “normal” things but realized that if she pretended to be a puppy she could make more money.

Even if it’s just for fun, she has generated very divided comments related to her acting, but for her it’s already profit when people get angry when they see her since they generate income for her just by watching her channel.