Full body stretching exercises at home (video)

Full body stretching exercises at home

Certain muscles tend to shorten while other muscles weaken. It is all the more important to know which muscles need to be stretched and which need to be strengthened.

In this video we show you how to stretch your entire body in just 15 minutes and give yourself more flexibility . Below, we’ll show you the best full body stretching exercises at home from head to toe.

Don’t forget warm-up before this stretch! Hold the exercises for 20 to 30 seconds while continuing to breathe deeply.

Stretching exercises forĀ  whole body

1. The world’s best stretching exercise


Training: stretch in the upper body, back of the legs, opening of the hips, mobilization of the spine, arms and shoulders
Difficulty: medium
Note: back straight, abdomen tight for stabilization, put back knee down if necessary

2. Downward Dog and Plank


Training: Stretch throughout torso, arms, and entire back of legs
Difficulty: medium
Note: Actively pull in your belly button, keep your back straight with your head, heels as low as possible

3. Standing forward bend with straight arms


Training: Stretch the entire back of the leg, mobilize the upper body, chest and spine
Difficulty: medium
Note: Keep your head in line with your spine, don’t work too fast

4. Standing forward bend with a twist


Training: Mobilizes upper body, chest, shoulders and arms, spine, stretches back of legs
Difficulty: medium
Note: Legs can be slightly bent if this makes it easier to perform.

Upper body stretching exercises

5. Cat-Cow stretch


Training: Mobilizes the entire spine and lower back
Difficulty: easy
Note: Exhale with a hunchback (cat), inhale with a hollow back (cow).

6. Child’s pose


Training: Stretch back, entire torso, arms, hip opening
Difficulty: easy
Note: Lay your head down, breathe, hold

Tip: With a foam roller you can relax the connective tissue of the muscles. The self-massage is ideal for the upper back and the lateral abdominal muscles.

Leg stretching exercises

7. Deep squat stretch


Training: Strengthens the legs, opening of the hips, relaxation for the spine
Difficulty: medium
Note: Stand further, press your heels into the ground, hook your elbows between your knees

8. Bend forward while seated


Training: Stretch in the legs, length in the back too
Difficulty: easy
Note: Pull your seat a little to one side, don’t hunch over

9. Couch stretch


Training: Stretch thigh front
Difficulty: easy
Note: Do not stretch your head backwards, release slowly so that the kneecap does not slip

10. Pigeon


Training: Spinal mobilization, stretch side & lateral thighs, hip opening.
Difficulty: medium
Note: create length from fingertips to foot so stretch is felt in sides as well

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