French names: 80 very elegant suggestions

French names

An important moment in pregnancy is deciding what to name your baby. And if that’s what you’re looking for, how about taking a look at French names? They are different, elegant and rich in meaning.

Below, you’ll find 80 french name ideas for boys and girls that are beautiful in both France and America.

French girl names

French names

  • Alexandra: female version of Alexander, comes from the verb allex, which is to protect. Therefore, the name means “protector of mankind”;
  • Alexia: present in the list of most popular names in France, Alexia comes from the Greek Alexis and means “helper” or “defender”;
  • Amélie: a darling especially after the movie The Fabulous Fate of Amélie Poulain, the name Amélie means “worker”;
  • Anna: a variation of Hannah, it is a common name in Italy, Germany, and Russia. Its meaning is “full of grace;
  • Belle: short form of Isabelle, means beautiful, beautiful and pure;
  • Camille: a beautiful version of the name Camila, Camille can have different meanings, such as “daughter of the firstborn” and “daughter of the sun”;
  • Caroline: another one of those powerful names, Caroline comes from Germany and means “independent and strong woman”;
  • Charlotte: Prince William’s daughter’s name, is a diminutive of Carla and means “woman of the people”;
  • Chloé: modern, Chloé comes from Greek and means “new foliage” and “green bud;
  • Clara: popular name especially because of the saint Clara of Assisi, it means “bright” and “famous”;
  • Danielle: originating from the Hebrew name Daniel, Danielle means “God is my judge”;
  • Diane: “enlightened”, “bright” and “divine”. Aren’t they beautiful?
  • Elisa: although it sounds Brazilian, it is a French name. It means “divine promise” and “joyful”. It comes from the Hebrew name Elisabete;
  • Emma: of Germanic origin, this name means “she who is universal”;
  • Emmanuelle: “God is with us” is the meaning of this name, which is a French version of Emanuela and feminine of Emanuel;
  • Francine: feminine form of the French names François and Françoise, Francine means “free Frenchwoman”;
  • Gabrielle: “strong woman of God” and “divine strength” are some of the meanings of Gabrielle;
  • Haydée: originating from France, Haydée is a name that evokes independence and daring;
  • Jacqueline: feminine form of the name Jacob, Jacqueline symbolizes “God’s heel”;
  • Jade: the name refers to a beautiful gemstone that was once known for its healing powers;
  • Jessica: the name is believed to be an adaptation of the Hebrew Iscah. Its meaning is “observer”;
  • Laura: the name comes from the Latin laurus, meaning “laurel” or “laurel”. For the Romans, laurel symbolized immortality and victory;
  • Lisa: similar to Elisa, it is also a reduction of Elisabeth and means “God’s promise”;
  • Lorraine: means energy, cheerfulness, and vigor. A name for women who know what they want;
  • Madeline: French version of Magdalene, this delicate name means “inhabitant of the Tower of God”;
  • Margot: do you want a brilliant name for your daughter? Then you should know that Margot comes from the Greek word margarites, meaning “pearl;
  • Mariana: very popular in France, this name has a Hebrew origin. It means “sovereign lady full of grace”;
  • Marie: French version of Mary, Marie comes from the Hebrew myriam and means “sovereign” and “one who occupies the first place”;
  • Marjorie: present in the list of medieval French names, Marjorie comes from Margery, which derives from the Greek margarites. Therefore, its meaning is “pearl”;
  • Melissa: the meaning of Melissa is cute: bee! The insect, in turn, is usually associated with characteristics such as wisdom;
  • Michele: of Hebrew origin, it is a female version of Michael and means “the one who looks like God”. Beautiful meaning, isn’t it?
  • Nicole: a variant version of Nicolau, Nicole is a French name meaning “she who wins with the people”;
  • Nina: This short name is appearing more and more. It means “graceful”, “girl”, and “protector of fertility”;
  • Sabrina: this name, from Anglo-Saxon, means “princess”. Certainly a very feminine and noble name;
  • Sandra: short for Cassandra and Alessandra, it means “protector of mankind”;
  • Sarah: the name originates from the Hebrew term sara, “he ruled”. The meaning of the name, therefore, would be “daughter of the king” or “princess”;
  • Sophie: common name in Germany, has Greek origin and means “wisdom”;
  • Valentine: French version for the successful Valentina, the name originates from the Latin word Valentinus, “brave”, “full of health”;
  • Victoria: here the meaning is quite clear. Victoria comes from Vitoria, “she who wins”. A beautiful wish for your daughter, right?
  • Zoé: a beautiful and intense name. Zoé comes from the Greek zoe, meaning “seer” or “life”.

French boy names

French names

  • Adam: it is from this Hebrew name that the name Adam came. Adam means “man”;
  • Alan: of French origin, this charming masculine name means “rock” and “beautiful”;
  • Alexander: comes from the Greek name Aléxandros and means “one who repels enemies”;
  • Anthony: from the Greek Antonios, this beautiful name means “valuable” and “invaluable”. Perfect for a son, isn’t it?
  • Benjamin: “Son of happiness” and “well beloved” are two of the meanings of this name, which is derived from the Hebrew Benyamin;
  • Bernard: for your little hero, a beautiful name. Bernard, like Bernardo, means “strong like a bear;
  • Bruno: of Germanic origin, the name Bruno means “happy”. Is it or isn’t it an excellent choice?
  • Christian: English form of Christian, Christian means “the one who is like Christ”;
  • Daniel: “God is my judge” is one of the meanings of the name Daniel, which is also one of the names present in the Bible;
  • David: David was the one who defeated the giant Goliath. It is a Hebrew name which means “the beloved one”;
  • Denis: this name comes from Dionysios, a combination of dyu (sky, spirit, day) and nisa (night, water). Therefore, it means “spirit of the waters” or “the sky and the waters”;
  • Eliott: “the Lord is my God” is the meaning of this name, a variant of the English Elliott;
  • Gabriel: the meaning of Gabriel is “God sent”. This makes sense, since it is also the name of an angel;
  • Hector: French version of Heitor, meaning “I have in my power;
  • Henri: French and elegant version of the English name Henry, Henri means “lord of the household” or “the ruler of the house;
  • Isaac: Get ready to fall in love with the meaning of this name. Isaac means “son of joy”. Isn’t that cute?
  • Jean: French version of the name John, it means “God is merciful” and is among the most popular names in the world;
  • Laurent: if you love different names for boys, you’ll like this one. Variant of Laurence, Laurent means “crowned with laurels”;
  • Louis: The darling of French L names, Louis means “famous warrior” or “glorious fighter;
  • Marlon: the meaning of this name is not known for sure, but experts have attributed it to “small hawk”;
  • Mathieu: “man of God” is the meaning of this masculine name, which comes from Hebrew;
  • Maurice: of French origin, Maurice comes from the Latin Mauriciu and means “one who has dark skin”;
  • Michel: this beautiful masculine name comes from Hebrew and means “one who is like God”. Another variant is Michael;
  • Nathan: “gift”, “gift” and “gift” are some of the meanings given to this name, the English version of Nathan;
  • Nicolas: similar to the feminine Nicole, it means “the one who wins with the people” or, still, “the one who leads to victory”;
  • Noah: this biblical name is increasingly popular in Brazil. Besides being beautiful, it has a cool meaning: “long-lived”;
  • Oliver: means “olive tree”, the olive tree. It comes from the old French name Olivier;
  • Ollie: used for both boys and girls, it means “olive tree”, just like Olivier;
  • Philippe: a variation of the names Phelipe and Felipe, it has several meanings, such as “man who loves war” and “friend of horses”;
  • Pierre: a name which carries symbols of strength and endurance. Pierre is a variant of Peter and means “rock” or “stone”;
  • Samuel: “his name is God” is the meaning of the name Samuel, originating from the Hebrew Shemu’el;
  • Théo: théos was the way the Greek gods were called before Christianity. Therefore, the name Théo means “God”;
  • Thierry: French version of Theodoric, it means “prince of the people”. Its Germanic origin is Thiudoricus;
  • Thomas: means “the one who honors God”. From its Aramaic version, it means “twin brother”;
  • Timothée: means “to honor God”;
    Tom: short for Thomas, it means “twin”;
  • Valentin: “full of health”, “strong” and “vigorous” are some of the meanings attached to the name Valentin;
  • Victor: as the name may suggest, Victor means “victory”. Quite a wish for a baby;
  • Vincent: Similar to the popular name Vincent, Vincent means “he who is winning”;
  • Yves: “little archer” is the meaning given by some experts to this name. It is the French version of Ivo.

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