Just 15 minutes in morning and evening will make your face look better than at 25!


You can master all the techniques of makeup and use expensive products for skin care, but the years take their toll. Even after 40-50 years, but your face looks old: wrinkles appear, the face oval is creeping, because the skin and muscles are losing tone.

Experienced French beautician Evelyn Ganter Pechot recommends an effective way to restore youthfulness – facial muscle relaxation exercises, which produce a noticeable effect after just a few days of exercise and are completely safe for beginners.

Exercise Evelyn Ganter Pechot is a simple and safe method of prolonging youth and beauty of the skin, getting rid of unwanted wrinkles, a set of exercises has no age restrictions and contraindications. Gymnastics will be enough to perform every day or at least 4-5 times a week. After a month of daily exercise, you will look 5 years younger, according to the French beautician.

Perform the set of exercises slowly, using your fingers and palms. The pressure of the fingers will make the necessary muscles to strain as much as possible, without this, these exercises could be considered completely useless. And now let’s move directly to the technique. Just don’t forget to clean your face and wash your hands well.


1- Facial Massage

This exercise is suitable for women of all ages. It’s great for tightening the contour, improving blood circulation, and will serve as a warm-up for the next steps. So, apply your daily cream to your face. Start by patting your neck on the left and right side. Next, move on to your chin.

Slap the pads of your fingers on the contour of your face from the middle of your chin to your ears. Make such a massage on the entire area of the face from the center to the periphery and move to the forehead. The force of the strokes should be moderate or even weak at first. It should be gradually increased so that the slaps were well felt but without painful sensations. From 30 years of age massage should be done once in the morning, and after 40 years – twice a day, not forgetting the evening.

2- Smoothing Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles

This exercise helps to remove wrinkles from the forehead, raise the eyebrows and make the facial expression more calm and sweet. The index fingers of both hands should be placed parallel to the eyebrows, but a few millimeters higher. Just press the pads of your fingers tightly against your skin, so your eyebrows can’t go up.

Try, overcoming the resistance of your fingers, to raise your eyebrows. When the tension is at its strongest, freeze for 5 seconds. Now you can relax. Repeat this exercise three times.

3- Limiting vertical wrinkles on forehead

This exercise will engage the muscle that helps to wrinkle your eyebrows. Place the fingers of your hands firmly on your brow and forehead. Spread your hands apart as if stretching the skin of your forehead. Then try to bring your eyebrows together as if you were frowning. Freeze in this position for 15-20 seconds. Note: at this time there should be no wrinkles on the forehead, if there are – pull the skin with your hands even harder. Relax. Repeat the exercise 3 times.

4- Getting rid of bags and wrinkles under the eyes

A great way to strengthen the lower eyelids, remove crows feet and blueness, give a fresh look. Place the middle or index fingers on the outer corners of the eyes so that they fix the corners, but not too much pressure on the skin. Now open your eyes wide and squint your lower eyelid. You should feel it tighten.

Breathe calmly. At the moment of the strongest tension, hold your breath for 15-20 seconds. Now relax. The exercise should be repeated 3 times.

5- Facial Oval Correction

This exercise helps to remove bulldog cheeks and a second chin, and strengthens the neck. Open your mouth and put your middle and index fingers behind your lower teeth. Try to close your mouth, resisting pulling your jaw down with your fingers. Stay in tension for 15-20 seconds. Now you can relax. Do this exercise 3 times.

6- Strengthening the chin in the area under the lower lip

Another part of the face that gives away age is the area between the lower lip and the chin. This exercise prevents fat deposits on the chin, flabby lips and corners of the mouth. Place the index, middle and ring fingers of your hands just under the lower lip.
Try to use your lip to push back the stationary fingers. Maintain tension for 30 seconds. Relax. Do this exercise twice.

7- Eliminating nasolabial folds

Place the pads of the index, middle and ring fingers of each hand on the teeth on the gum under the upper lip, holding them together. Close your eyes. Open your mouth as wide as possible, saying the “o” sound out loud. Your upper lip should feel the tension. Do the exercise for one minute. You should start by doing this exercise twice a day, and after a couple of weeks you can do it only once a day.

8- Strengthening the entire eye area

Place your index fingers on your eyebrows, pressing them down, and bend your other fingers. First look down and to the left for 5 seconds, as far away as possible. Then smoothly raise your eyes without changing the direction of your gaze. The eye movement should be slow and take about 5 seconds. Then look to the left for 5 seconds, as far and as high as possible. Very smoothly, giving the movement 5 seconds, move your gaze to the right, looking as high as possible.

For 5 seconds, smoothly lower your gaze down, without changing its direction. For 5 seconds, look to the right, looking as far and as low as possible. Now you can close your eyes and relax for 5-10 seconds. This exercise should be repeated three times.

9- Chin Shaping

This exercise engages the supraorbital and hyoid muscles, which are crucial for shaping a beautiful chin line. Place your thumbs exactly in the middle under the chin. With your eyes closed, push down on the chin with your thumbs, resisting the head so that it can’t rise.

For one minute, press on the lower part of the chin with your fingers. This exercise should be performed only once. After completing the exercise, you can massage the fat layer on your chin.

10- Lifting the corners of the mouth

With the help of this exercise you can smooth out the nasolabial folds, raise the lowered corners of the lips. Place your index fingers in the corners of your mouth, pressing them lightly against the skin. Try, overcoming the resistance created by the fingers, as if pushing up the corners of your mouth, raising them. At the most intense point should be frozen for 30 seconds. Now you can relax. The exercise should be repeated two times.

This is a set of exercises designed to make your face look fresh and young again. You should do them every day in the morning and also preferably in evening, and you will see the first pleasant results in 30 days.

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