28-day challenge to get rid of varicose veins and obtain beautiful legs


Varicose veins are a very common condition that occurs in weak or damaged vein walls and valves. They form when blood pressure increases within the veins and can occur due to pregnancy, constipation, a tumor, or overweight and obesity.

If you suffer from varicose veins, strengthening your leg muscles and promoting venous return is highly recommended. The best way to do this is by practicing daily simple exercises to eliminate varicose veins. These exercises can be done at home and do not require any equipment.

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These exercises to get rid of varicose veins can be repeated more times than indicated, but not less, because if you want to be really effective you must try hard enough.

8 exercises to get rid of varicose veins and obtain beautiful legs (28-day challenge)

1- Leg twists


Lying on your back, stretch and lift one leg to hip level. With it start to form small circles in the air. 20 repetitions with each leg.

2- Leg Separation


Lying on the floor, or a mat, lift your legs straight up, spread them apart and bring them back together until you feel that warmth that will let you know that the exercises are working. Repeat this exercise 15 times.

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3- Alternate deadlift


Lying down, lift one leg until the knee touches the abdomen. You can support yourself with your hands, holding your limb by your thigh. Hold the pose for 20 seconds on each leg. Repeat 20 times on each side.

4- Biking motion


In the same position as above, lying on your back, raise your legs to the level of your hips. Bend your knees and begin to imitate pedaling a bicycle. Repeat 15 times.

5- Full support


Sitting, hold on to the chair with your hands and lift one leg up to the level of you seat. Continue with the other leg, alternating both legs, as if you were walking. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

6- Side strengtheners


Standing, with your legs at your waist and your back straight, cross your right leg over your left leg. This leg should be lifted sideways at a 45-degree angle. Repeat 20 times on each side.

7- Power movement


On your knees and palms, lift your right leg back to hip level. Repeat 20 times on each side.

8- Calf raises


This exercise strengthens the calf muscles and improves blood circulation in your body. It involves walking with all your weight resting on your toes for a few seconds, thus freeing your calves from the daily pressures of having to support your weight, Repeat as many times as you feel comfortable.


Homemade cream to fight varicose veins. You will need a half cup of aloe vera gel, carrot cut into pieces, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Mix everything in a blender and place on the affected area for 30 minutes and rinse with cold water. Perform after exercise.

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