Easy arm workouts you can do at home without equipment

Easy arm workouts you can do at home without equipment

Want to strengthen your arms? Let’s be honest, it’s uncomfortable to feel this part of your body shaking every time you wave from afar, so keeping your body active through exercise is essential.

Although there are many arm workouts, here we show you one that you can do at home or outdoors, since you won’t need anything, just your body and discipline. Also, don’t forget that good nutrition is crucial.

1. Push-up

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You should lie face down on the mat or yoga mat.
Put the palms of your hands on the floor, then you are going to flex your arms.
Remember to separate your arms at shoulder height and rest the tips of your feet on the floor.
On the way down, you should make a 90° angle with your arms. The rest of your body should be in a straight line.
Repeat the movement about 15 times and then rest.

2. Triceps dip

First you must choose a chair or bench, then lean its back against the wall to avoid accidents.
Once we get the chair in place, we are going to position ourselves in front of it, with our backs to it.
Place your hands on the seat, flexing them slightly.
Remember that your arms should be separated at the same distance from your shoulders.
In this position, we will begin to stretch our arms, in this way we will be lifting our weight with them. Keep your body rigid, your back straight and shoulders away from your ears.
The elbows should always be bent backwards, never sideways.
You can repeat several times. The higher the chair or sofa, the higher the level of difficulty.

3. One-arm biceps curl with resistance

You are going to start with your right arm, for this you must be standing or sitting.
Then we are going to put the left hand on top of the right hand, exerting a little force.
The right arm should bend towards your shoulder.
Return to the starting position. You can repeat the movement several times.
The good thing here is that we can control the resistance, since it is our own hand.

4. Continuous Jap

You need to stand up, then bend your arms and bring your hands to the level of your chin.
Extend your right arm, as if you were punching the air and pick it up again.
Repeat the movement, but increase the speed, do it this way for 30 seconds.
Change arms and keep doing it until you complete 2 minutes.

5. Push-up rotation

This exercise is the same classic push-up, only we will add a twist, where we will only be supported with one hand on the floor. In the twist we will extend the arm upwards.

6. Jump rope without rope

This exercise, as silly as it may seem, is excellent for the arms, you just have to do for 30 minutes, the same movement with your arms as if you were jumping a rope.
If you want you can also jump, so you will do cardio.

7. Inverted plank

Sit on the mat, with your legs straight and together.
Let yourself fall backwards a little, supporting your arms bent to avoid falling.
You should form an angle of approximately 45° with your body.
Remember that your back should be as straight as possible.
Make sure your hands are facing inward toward your feet.
Lift your pelvis off the floor and contract your buttocks to form a straight line with your body.
Lower and repeat the movement.

The goal of this movement is that you can hold the position, although it is difficult to do. Start in 15 seconds and as you see, you increase until you reach 25 seconds.

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