Discover how to use tea bags to soothe ailments


Are you drinking a cup of tea as you read this article? Well, if you are, we hope you didn’t throw the tea bag away. Inside that bag is a key to some home remedies to help you when you need them.

Discover below how the tea bag can help you treat almost everything from sunburn to mouth sores.

1. Relieves sunburn

Treating sunburns using cold tea bags can reduce discomfort. If sunburn is over your whole body, put the tea bags in the tub full of warm water and take a bath. It also works for minor burns caused by appliances such as curling irons, teapots, and steam irons.

2. Treat bruising

Next time you get a bruise, dip a tea bag in hot water and let it cool, and then place it in the bruised area to take effect. Green and black teas contain tannins that help reduce inflamed tissue and blood vessels. Therefore, the tea bag is an excellent way to treat bruises.

3. Helps fight conjunctivitis

The green tea contains a lot of bioflavonoids which help to reduce inflammation and to fight viral and bacterial infections. Place a bag of fresh, damp green tea over the infected eye to treat this common condition naturally.

4. Removes warts and verrucas

The tannic acid and anti-bacterial properties of tea is very effective for removing warts with no scar. For this home remedy you will need to place a hot tea bag on the wart for approximately 10 minutes a few times a day as the wart is removed.

5. Fight foot odor

Black tea has enough astringency to absorb the bad smell of sweaty feet. Also, the tannins contained in the tea will help kill the bacteria that causes the bad odor. For the desired effect, your feet should be immersed in a bath of black tea for 20 minutes each day to keep them away from bad odors.

6. Combats mouth sores

Small sores can be so painful they form in the mouth. It can be caused by hormonal changes. These conditions can be relieved by applying a tea bag soaked in water directly on the sore for 5 minutes a few times a day.

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