cooked apple remedy for gastritis and anti aging

cooked apple remedy for gastritis and cellular aging

There are few stomachs that can withstand a high dose of hot peppers before experiencing some typical protests: swelling, pain, nausea. Also, if you have gastritis, phew, it looks very bad! There is a certain grandmother remedy that few of us know about cooked apples.

How is cooked apple sauce made?

So if you want to enjoy all the benefits and satisfy your hunger at once without gaining weight, check it out!

See how to make cinnamon apples recipe:

cooked apple remedy for gastritis and cellular aging


  • 3 red apples
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • 2 tablespoons of honey


  1. Always clean the apples first, then cut and remove the core.
  2. Then add the slices into a pot of water to boil them for 15 minutes until soft.
  3. And then remove them from cooking and let them cool down.
  4. With a fork, mash the apple until it becomes pureed.
  5. Finally, add the cinnamon and honey.
  6. Now it is ready to eat!
cooked apple remedy for gastritis and cellular aging

The benefits of cooked apple?

1. Helps to improve digestion

In a study by Nutrition Science Solutions, we found it was rich in insoluble fiber that promotes intestinal movement and increases stool volume. In addition, this food helps reduce constipation. This food improves the effect when you drink more than 1.5 liters of water, plus you should exercise for 30 minutes at least.

2. Decreases cellular aging

You can find apples as an excellent source of vitamin C, according to a study by the University of Bio Bio in Chile, a daily apple provides 11% of this vitamin. This helps to reduce the damage caused by free radicals, which are the main cause of cellular aging (wrinkles).

3. Satisfy your hunger

Do you know how many calories there are in a cooked apple? It has about 52 calories per 100 grams. If you combine them with almonds or raisins, in addition to adding protein and carbohydrates to your diet, you can go several hours without eating high-fat foods.

The additional benefits of cooked apples can be found in the following

  • It reduces diarrhea
  • Soothes stomach pain
  • Control your diabetes
  • Helps to lose weight

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