Challenge routine to burn 600 calories a day with this 4-minute workout

You want to challenge your body to give you better results and achieve the slim body you want, this challenge routine is perfect because it will make you lose 600 calories and will take your body to a high level of endurance and strength.

This workout routine created by specialist in sports nutrition and personal trainer, is composed of 5 exercises that are repeated 45 seconds each, with a rest of 15 seconds and between each circuit you rest for 1 minute. The circuit is recommended to repeat 5 times. You can repeat it more or less times depending on how you feel, let your body express itself.

How to burn 600 calories?

Warm up for a few minutes before starting, take time to rest, breathe and hydrate and finish with a good stretching exercise session, the latter is very important because the exercises will be performed at maximum effort, so the muscles and joints will need to relax to avoid unnecessary injuries or discomfort.

Jump squat with ground touch – 4 seconds at maximum effort

15 seconds rest

Handwalk + jacks – 45 seconds at max effort

15 seconds rest

Burpees – 45 seconds at max effort

15 seconds rest

Climbers – 45 seconds at maximum effort

15 seconds rest

Under Leg Touch Lunge – 45 seconds max effort

60 seconds of rest and you start again.

Remember food will also be key to obtain better results and maintain them over time. It is not about not eating, but eating in a balanced way, consciously indulging yourself.