Celery tea to lose belly fat and slim waist

Celery tea for healthy weight loss

If you want to lose weight, celery is a great ally, either raw or cooked. Today we bring you this slimming tea that will help you reduce measurements and burn fat in belly and waist area.

Celery has diuretic functions, so it will help you eliminate toxins through urine and fat. If you suffer from fluid retention, celery will help you regulate this problem and keep you deflated.

According to a study published by The National Institute of Health, United States, celery is rich in fiber, so in addition to helping you lose weight, it also improves your digestive system.

This infusion, according to some medical studies, helps accelerate the metabolic mechanism, which contributes with a positive weight loss.

To obtain all the benefits that celery has, we simply have to include it in our diet, either in salads, soups, juices or in the form of infusion, with a healthy diet and regular exercise, which will help to lose weight.

Celery tea recipe for healthy weight loss

Celery tea recipe for healthy weight loss

To prepare this super weight loss celery tea, you will need these ingredients:

3 stalks of celery
A liter of water
One lemon’s juice
A piece of fresh ginger or half a tablespoon of powder
A tablespoon of honey (optional)


  1. Wash and cut into pieces the celery stalks. Boil the water and once it is boiling,
  2. Add celery stalks little by little, letting them boil and release their properties for 5 to 10 minutes over low heat and add ginger.
  3. Turn off the heat and let it steep for 10 minutes, and finally add lemon juice.
  4. You can drink this tea hot or cold and you can also pack it so that you can drink it throughout the day as many times as you wish.
  5. You can drink this celery tea as many times as you want during a day, it is recommended to drink it for 15 days, rest for 15 days and start again, as long as you want.