Birth flower, what flowers say about your personality

Do you know what your birth month flower is? Use our ultimate guide to give a special someone in your life a personalized flower bouquet for their birthday.

Birth flower

Although not everyone knows it, just like our zodiac sign, each of the 12 months is associated with a flower. So not only does your birth flower have a special meaning, but it has a lot to do with your personality and traits.

1- January – Carnation

birth flower

Its symbol of passion, pleasure and joy. A person born under the influence of the carnation is feisty, impetuous and temperament. In love they are faithful and usually make good choices.

2- February – Violets

birth flower

This flower symbolizes purity, faith and wisdom. The person born in February becomes a sincere and humble person, although he/she is often possessive in love.

3- March – Daffodils

birth flower

This flower blooms at the end of winter and signifies rebirth. Although there are those who interpret it as a sign of vanity, however its influence is noticeable in a person who is shy and cautious in love.

4- April – Margarita

birth flower

This flower is the flower of youthful innocence, joy and attention. Its symbolism lies in loyalty, so people born in April tend to be very faithful.

5- May – Lily

birth flower

Whoever is born under the influence of the lily is a person with immense sensitivity. A lily represents virtue and humility, but also represents people who open their hearts.

6- June – Pink

birth flower

This is the flower of love, passion and beauty. Each color has a special meaning and those born in June are passionate, perfectionist and loving.

7- July – Larkspur

birth flower

This flower reflects a neat and easy going person. Usually they have a big, open and very loving heart.

8- August – Gladiolus

birth flower

This flower represents moral integrity and strength. Whoever is born under this flower is sincere, respectful and strong.

9- September – Aster

birth flower

Its symbolism speaks of a person full of elegance, is used as a talisman to attract love, since those born in September are usually very difficult to fall in love with.

10- October – Calendula

birth flower

They represent affection but also sadness. People born in October have a superb sense of humor and attract people by themselves.

11- November – Chrysanthemum

birth flower

People born under this flower are optimistic, friendly and very cheerful. It represents born leaders but easy to fall in love with.

12- December – Christmas Eve

birth flower

A flower that represents celebration and is related to a cheerful, independent person who loves unconditionally.

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